Hottest cars that Nigerian fathers rocked back in the old days


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How about a quick trip down the memory lane to see some of the top cars that many Nigerian fathers rocked back in their days. See them here now!

It’s another throwback time again on Naijauto!

This time around, we want to see how many people will still remember some of the cars that most Nigerian fathers rocked back in the days. We decided to pull out and make a list of the top 6 ones that were the “hotcakes” of the past millennium.

Below are some of the hottest trending cars that most Nigerian fathers drove back in their days;

1. Volkswagen Beetle

On a lighter note, one could literally say that the Volkswagen Beetle is just as old as the man “Methuselah”. It is impossible to go through the history of Nigeria without mentioning this old Volkswagen model as it was among the first cars to ride the Nigerian streets.


This is a 1966 Classic Volkswagen Beetle model – the popular “Ijapa” / “Okpokoro Mbe”

It even got itself some funny Nigerian native nicknames – “Ijapa” (Yoruba word meaning Tortoise) and “Okpokoro Mbe” (Ibo word meaning Tortoise-shell) – due to its interesting shape. Also, it was really strange for kids to phantom why the engine of the car had to be located in the rear (boot) instead of the front (bonnet).

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2. Peugeot 504

The Peugeot 504 became the ultimate “hot cake” when it entered Nigeria back in those days. You will hardly pass any Nigerian street without seeing one. In fact, one could jokingly say the old Peugeot 504 was the “Toyota Corolla” of back then in Nigeria.

Various government parastatals and companies even made it the official car during its reign. It was that perfect car for rocking the rugged Nigeria road and terrain even though it was limited to only four gears.


The Peugeot 504 used to be the dream “official car” of many government officials and employees of old

Funny enough, this car is still around today in Nigeria but you will mostly see it being used by some local road transporters for moving unbelievably heavy cargoes/loads.

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3. Peugeot 505

Back in the days, it wasn’t too long after the Peugeot 504 had already become every Tom, Dick and Harry’s personal car in Nigeria, the Peugeot 505 came on board. It was such a remarkable car from the French automaker and was produced between the year 1979 up until 1992.

Affluent Nigerians immediately fell in love with the car majorly because of its unbelievable upgraded features like power steering, power windows and some versions even came with powerful V6 engines back then. And many of the models also came with more than 4 gears 😊.


It was a serious achievement and pride to personally own or ride a Peugeot 505 car back in the days

Almost everyone that owned a Peugeot 505 back then would be seen wearing a “high shoulder” (pride), especially when driving it along the streets because it was the “senior” model to the already “common” 504.

The Peugeot 505 also became popularly adopted for official cars although, only the top government officials and most senior officers were able to have one for official use.

It was the last Rear-Wheel-Drive car made by Peugeot and it is still appreciated today for its incredible ground clearance even when it's fully loaded.

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4. Volvo 244 GL

This is one exceptional car in Nigeria’s history because it was the best car that most young men of those days used as “show off” in winning the young ladies. Just imagine that!


You need to have or ride a Volvo 244 GL back in those days if you really want to win the hearts of Nigerian ladies

This particular model became a “must-have” for most Nigeria men because of that sexiness mentality attached to it back then.

Unfortunately, the Wagon version of this same car became the most popular car for transporting dead bodies in a coffin which explains why no one ever bought the wagon as a private car back in the day.

5. Mercedes-Benz W123

If you think the craze that Nigerians have for the Mercedes-Benz brand just started recently, you are dead wrong!

The German automaker/brand has won the hearts of many Nigerians since decades ago. And as a matter of fact, the Mercedes-Benz W123 is one that played the biggest role in this achievement. It was loved for its ruggedness, luxury, durability and reliability back then as it never disappointed all those that owned one throughout.

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The Mercedes-Benz W123 used to be the ultimate luxury and durable car that old Nigerian men loved

6. Mitsubishi Galant

Before you begin to wonder how a Japanese car made it to this list; believe it or not, the Mitsubishi Galant just manage to appeal to most Nigerian men back then especially the third-generation models.


The Mitsubishi Galant was one of the few Japanese cars that won the hearts of Nigerian men back in the days


We are really sorry if we didn’t include your favourite old car model in our above list of top 6 cars that Nigerian fathers rocked back in their days. Maybe sometimes in the future, we will publish a more comprehensive list that might include your choice.

Meanwhile, you can check out and buy some of these memorable cars and newer models from our massive collections of New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria.

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