N5.1b-worth BMW cars hit by a sandstorm go beyond repair


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A total of about 4000 brand-new BMW cars hit by a sandstorm while they were being transported from Germany to the United Kingdom.

For all BMW fans, this will be one of such shocking news for you guys. It seems unbelievable at first but with our further research as to the authenticity of the news, we found it to be actually true. The Naijauto.com team also felt really shocked when we got this news especially the amount of money the damage caused which was £11m (approximately 5.1billion naira) in total. That’s such a huge amount of money at this time considering the general inconsistency and competition in the automobile market.


Out of the 4000 cars hit by the sandstorm, only 3,500 cars got successfully checked and serviced

This incident occurred in Germany near a construction site. The damages were caused by a huge pile of sand from a sandstorm blown over these BMW’s luxury cars that were parked there at that time.

A total of about 4000 luxury BMW cars were parked at this location and got hit by these huge piles of sand during this incident in Northern Germany at that moment.


450 BMW luxury cars were written off because they were damaged beyond repair by the sandstorm

So, out of the 4000 cars hit by the sandstorm, only 3,500 cars got successfully checked and serviced by a cargo handling company in Southampton. This company had to clean as many as 30 affected luxury cars per day all between April to June 2018 while they remove sand particles from the alternators and air filters of each vehicle.

An insider at the cargo handling company said:

“A flat matte paint job for these cars costs around £20,000, they are that expensive.

“Around 4,000 cars were covered by big mountains of sand. Many were scrapped costing BMW a small fortune.

“The vehicles they didn’t scrap were distributed around the UK. We service BMWs to make them squeaky clean for dealerships and rental companies in the south of England”.

It might sound awkward to say that BMW was lucky to have been even able to save 3,500 out the total 4,000 luxury cars that originally got hit by the terrible sandstorm.

Also, a spokesman for BMW said:

“A number of BMW vehicle orders were affected due to a major storm in Cuxhaven, one of the key ports through which many UK-bound vehicles travel.

“The severe weather resulted in construction materials located at the Port contaminating a number of vehicles while in transit.

“Roughly 4,000 cars were at the Port so needed to be checked. Of those, there are about 450 where we deemed it necessary to either build a new car for the customer or offer them an alternative vehicle that we already had in stock.

“As a precaution we thoroughly checked and cleaned every vehicle, many of which were completely unaffected.”

Some of the damaged BMW cars included models like the new i8, M5, M4, 330, 320, 230, 220, 218, M3, M2, and the M140i.

We can imagine how difficult this would be for both BMW and the affected customers. Because BMW will have to contact all the affected customers and negotiate with them individually like their spokesman had mentioned earlier in his speech. In the case that some affected customers refuse to take an alternative vehicle, then a new one will have to be built for them in replacement of the sandstorm damaged one.


Some of the damaged BMW cars included models like the new i8, M5, M4, 330, 320, 230, 220, 218, M3, M2, and the M140i

We can also imagine a motor company losing such an amount of money in just a short period of time due to a natural uncontrollable incident. Although we believe their insurance should cover for this loss to some extent if not all. And if by any chance it doesn’t then, it’s a big blow on the company’s face.

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