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If you are a Nigerian Lady between 25-30 years of age, this is what other ladies within this age bracket look for in a car. How about you? Do you relate?

What Nigerian Ladies between 25-30 years look for in a car

Nigerian ladies are surely one of the most stylish and outgoing crops of women you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

I'm sure women from other countries might be very eager to contest this claim, but it is not a debate, just take it the way it is. LOL!!! Just as their style curve keeps climbing, so is their taste in cars. They keep you guessing at every turn when it comes to their dream car.

So to find out what Nigerian ladies between 25-30 years look for in a car, we went about to gain a fair knowledge of what they think. So we asked;

  • What special features and characteristics are you looking for in your dream car?
  • And which is your dream car?

Just as you would expect, the choices are as varied as their fashion style, but the bottom line is they are generally interested in sometimes classy and fine. So let's get into the detail of what we found out, as we analyze what their preferences are.

What special features and characteristics are you looking for in your dream car?

1. Durable and Economical

I always thought the ladies would be more interested in the flashy-ness of a car more than any other thing, but surprisingly 80% of the women aged 25-30 we interviewed said Durability is the most important factor they consider when picking a car.

However, we noticed that this response was mainly from middle-class ladies who were responsible for the bills.

On the economic side, one of our respondents, Theodora Smith, was very particular about picking a car that doesn't consume too much petrol. What that means is she will place fuel economy and durability above everything else.

This is understandable, considering that cash is not so easy to come by these days, and every kobo must count. So our ladies prefer a car that will not necessarily break down too often or will mean they spend so much visiting the mechanic and keeping the car in operational condition. 

Remember, our ladies are generally the best money managers and you would forgive them if durability and fuel economy are the most important factors they consider when choosing a car. 


Sophia Williams is excited besides her new whip

2. Safety Features

This one also beats luxury to the second spot with about 65% of the ladies we spoke to picking this as one of the proprities when it comes to purchasing a car. Some of the most concerned safety features they mentioned include the followings:

  • Airbags
  • Automatic brakes
  • Rearview cameras

From the features mentioned above, you can easily tell how much safety means to our ladies. One of the interviewed ladies named Anny specifically mentioned accident as her biggest concern which informs why she mentioned automatic brakes as a defining feature that she looks for in a car.


From our ladies, it's safety first

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Some of the interviewed ladies mentioned the "rearview camera" as one of the top features they look out for. When pressed further, they unanimously agreed that they find reversing a car to be very challenging and that they consider a vehicle with the rearview camera as a choice car and will insist on that feature in any car they will purchase.

The Airbags are safety features that come standard in every car these days, but since it's on easily noticed and going by the fact that the ladies are not so familiar with the workings of a car, we can understand why some of them picked the airbags.

As we may already know, the airbags provide added protection for specific body areas in the event of a massive head-on collision, which is possibly why the ladies picked this feature as being an important deciding factor when choosing a car.


The airbag is a top pick safety feature by our ladies

3. Luxury and class

Another very important stuff Nigerian Ladies between 25-30 years of age look for in a car is luxury. You normally would have expected this to be at the top of the list. However, seems our ladies value durability and safety more than luxury and class.

While speaking to one Inemesit, we were enlightened that she would prefer a durable and economical car than a very flashy one; however, she would go for the flashy luxury car provided the bills are not covered from her meager purse.

So when we talk of luxury and class, we mean those flashy cars that cost a good deal to purchase. With this, you probably know we are talking of the likes of the Lexus ES300, BMX X5, Range Rover, G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz 4matic SUV, and Volvo XC90, etc. 

These vehicles offer some of the best referring to luxury and technology, making sure our ladies make all heads turn every time they cruise past in their super looking luxury machine.


Luxury means so much to our ladies

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4. Comfort

As you would expect, comfort means so much to our ladies, that's why about 83% of our respondents aged 25-30 picked this as one serious factor they look out for in a car. To make them feel their desired level of comfort, they would like that the car has the following features:

  • Air conditioners or top-notch climate control system
  • Leather seats with heating and cooling function
  • Very soft and comfy seats
  • A relatively silent car that drives past quietly
  • Excellent interior sound system
  • Considerable storage capacity


Comfortable seats covered in leather mean so much to our ladies

Which is your dream car?

When asked what their dream car was, the following list is their top picks and am almost certain it speaks the mind of most young Nigerian ladies aged 25-30.

Unsurprisingly, Toyota Venza was their top pick. This car has remained very popular among the ladies with virtually every respondent we spoke to picking this ride as their favorite car.

Other Toyota models also made the top 4, which is probably down to the brand car's high durability, fuel economy, and good interior and exterior aesthetics. 


So now you've found out what Nigerian Ladies between 25-30 years look for in a car. As a recap, let us list out these top 4 factors according to their stated preference below:

  • Durability and Economy
  • Safety Features
  • Luxury and class
  • Comfort

Do the following match your preference? We like to hear from you. Please feel free to start a conversation!!!

Or if you are a man and looking to impress your other half, we believe, a car gift to the ladies' preference is the best thing on earth that could happen in a relationship! Thanks for reading and see you in our latest posts!

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