Cars can run on beer by 2022


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Turning ethanol into the butanol enables beer to become a motor fuel by 2022.

Exactly, cars will be able to run on beer because scientists have found how to turn ethanol into motor fuel. The ethanol known as an alcohol found in beer, brandy, gin and wine is one of the most popular alternatives to diesel and petrol.  

Nevertheless, the ethanol is a very poor replacement as it has a low energy density, it easily mixes with water and damages car engines, and it requires all the existing car engines to be modified to suit the fuel.

Beer studying

Turning ethanol into butanol enables beer to become motor fuel by 2022

According to the most updated news, chemists from the University of Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom, have found a technology that turns ethanol into butanol which provides much higher energy density, so is definitely a superior fuel alternative. However, it’s difficult to make the butanol from sustainable sources.

There are many advantages of using the butanol as a vehicle fuel. The greatest one is little or even no modification is required for existing petrol engines to run on butanol fuel. The butanol was predicted to become the major fuel supply for transportation worldwide by 2022.

Vehicles run on Beer

Butanol is predicted to become the major fuel supply for transportation worldwide by 2022 

The researchers found that beer is the most potential alcohol which can replace petrol fuel due to its cheap price. As calculated, 5 cans of beer are able to provide enough butanol for cars to run one mile, and a 50-litre fuel tank can be fully filled with 2,500 beer cans.

Is this breakthrough impressive?

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