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After flooring Anthony Joshua, the Mexican-American boxer has been now the holder of the IBF, IBO, WBO, and WBA belts with a prize of $5m. You might be wondering what will he spend for with this whopping money. Naijauto.com has some idea for him, here are 5 cars new world boxing champion Andy Ruiz can now afford!

The recently concluded heavyweight boxing championship gave the world a new boxing champion and its surprisingly not Anthony Joshua as many had expected. It's not no longer news that popular professional boxer, Anthony Joshua, who has been holding 4 world heavyweight champion belts for quite some time, was defected by Andy Ruiz in the recent bout at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden. 

The newly emerged winner, Andy Ruiz is an Mexican-American professional boxer who is the newly crowned WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF heavyweight king. Though, Anthony Joshua went home with an aching jaw and a £20m payout, the new champion who now wears the belts, was awarded the sum of £5m (~N1.9 billion). This prize money might pale before Joshua's mammoth pay but totally catapults Andy Ruiz into the millionaire stratosphere. Of course, with money comes changes in homes, clothes and, of course, cars.

Naijauto wondered what kind of cars new world boxing champion will be cruising soon. Well, when the new star decides to acquire or change his ride, here is a list of exotic cars Andy Ruiz can afford. These cars are not just expensive or luxurious but are favorites of celebrities who love to maintain their style, while leaving enough to invest or save. 

1. Rolls-Royce

Almost every star, be they boxers, soccer players, artists, actresses and more, own a Rolls-Royce.

No wonder many tend to refer to it as the very car for the rich. Whether Andy Ruiz chooses to go for the Ghost or Ghost Series II, Phantom, Cullinan, Wraith or Dawn; having a Rolls-Royce parked in his garage can never be wrong.

The good thing about this range of luxury cars is that its Base trims are quite affordable. The car can be customised to his taste with standard and exceptional interior decor that Roll-Royce loves to hold-up as their trademark, delivering luxury and a personal touch. 

Price of Rolls-Royce cars
Brand new Rolls-Royce (All models)  ₦100.4 million - ₦500.5 million  
Used Rolls-Royce (All models)

 ₦76.7 million - ₦350.5 million   


Andy Ruiz can certainly afford the ultimate in luxury Rolls-Royce cars now

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2. Range Rover SVAutobiography

This is one of the cars that Anthony Joshua has, which was specifically customised for him by Range Rover and if Andy Ruiz chooses too, he can also be a proud owner. The Range Rover SVAutobiography is one of the Range Rover cars that has a touch of power, sophistication and luxury. It comes with a standard wheelbase and long wheelbase that combines a powerful 565PS 5l V8 engine depending on model. All of this holds a spacious interior even if the exterior may look different on other Range models. 

Price of Range Rover SVAutobiography
Range Rover SVAutobiography 2019 (All trims) ₦27.5 million - ₦75.2 million
Used Range Rover SVAutobiography 2010-2014 ₦20 million - ₦52 million


Andy must own a Range Rover to show he's arrived - the Range Rover SVAutobiography 2019

3. Porsche Panamera

This is another one of the super luxury vehicles out there. The Porsche Panamera is well known for its smooth and sleek handling, a styling that has a top-notch interior design with comfortable seatings for four to five passengers. More reason why Andy Ruiz may want to consider the Porsche Panamera is its horsepower that holds 330-671 in a 2.9L- 4L V6 engine. The car comes with an all automatic transmission with an all wheel drivetrain. Its sporty look, performance and drive is usually one that causes a second stare.

Price of Porsche Panamera
New Porsche Panamera (All trims) ₦25.5 million - ₦ 60.2 million 
Used Porsche Panamera (2012-2014) ₦15 million - ₦ 30 million  


The Porsche Panamera 2019 defines the kind of success Andy Ruiz now epitomizes

4. Mercedes Benz S-Class

Every model of the Mercedes S-Class can be a great choice, be it the Coupe, Sedan or the Cabriolet. The Mercedes S-Class is remarkable for super, world-class interior which is quite befitting for Andy Ruiz if he opts to treat himself to this new ride.

Despite how small its exterior may look, it comes with standard twin-turbocharged V8 engine of horsepower ranging from 362-621. It can run up to 13-28 mpg which varies from city to highway while providing a comfy space for up to four to five passengers. Aside its powerful engine, it has great technology features for safety riding all the time. 

Price of Mercedes Benz S-Class
New Mercedes S-Class (All models) ₦30.6 million - ₦100.5 million    
Used Mercedes S-Class (2007-2015)

₦7 million - ₦50 million  


Nothing says "I am a celebrity" like a Mercedes, Andy Ruiz can pick up a Mercedes S-Class 2019 Coupe

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5. Bentley Continental GT

Another renowned car that Andy Ruiz should consider adding to his garage from his £5 million winnings is the Bentley Continental GT.

This car has almost everything from classic, stylish and speed that cannot be trumped. The beautiful reason why this car is loved is because it holds something for every buyer.

The car is a two door car that comes in a coupe and a convertible styling with one powertrain and twin turbocharged W12 that has the capacity of running from zero to 60 mph in just 3.3s with a powerful horsepower of 626. Added to this great performance is its interior design that holds top technology features and safety features such as the adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking a night-vision system and few others.

Price of Bentley Continental GT
 New Bentley Continental GT (All models) ₦68.9 million - ₦200 million
Used Bentley Continental GT (2010-2016) ₦25 million - ₦110 million


The Continental GT Coupe 2019 shows class and strength, just like Andy Ruiz showed in his big win 

Of course new boxing camp Andy Ruiz can afford scores of other expensive cars like a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. These cars above are just a tip of the iceberg for the new champ's coming fleet. Enjoy, champ!

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