Don't carry children in the front seat or on the lap while driving! - FRSC admonishes motorists


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FRSC has advised parents and guardians to desist from carrying children on their laps while driving. They are also recommended to be more careful when approaching built-up areas. Read more details below!

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has issued a warning to motorist to stop carrying children in the front seats of their car, or even on their laps whenever they are driving.

Reports reaching Naijauto says, the advice was given by Mr.Ogbonaya Kalu, who was the FRSC sector commander in Enugu, and it was given at the National Road Safety Club Day which took place on Monday in Enugu state.

Mr. Kālu said the Road Safety Club Day was given the theme “Creating Awareness of Road Safety on Young Children" in a bid to extend road safety practices to the masses and catch them young.

The sector commander enjoined motorists to be cautious when they are approaching built-up areas like churches, schools, markets, mosque, fruit trees, or snack shops because children are known to be found in such areas.

He went further to state that children who were not up to a year old must be made to sit in child restraint while they back the driver. And for those who are a year older to seven years, they are to sit in a child's restraint, all properly strapped on to the back seat and facing the front of the vehicle.


Children from a year going forward are to be strapped at the rear seat of the car

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As stated by him, parents and guardians are not to allow their children to use the door handle as a play toy. He advised that child lock should be used where available.

"Do not allow children stick any part of their body out of the vehicle or allow them to sit in the baggage area of hatchbacks, station wagons or vans.

While walking on the road, children should always face the traffic as well as use overhead or pedestrian bridges where they are provided to cross the road."

Miss Nonye Ugwu, who attends Bright Star Schools, in Enugu told newsmen that the Road Safety Club they have in their school taught her to remind her parents on the need to wear their seat belts.

"I also advise my daddy not to take alcohol during the day or before driving since I want him to be alive."


Such Road Safety Club for children should be encouraged widely across the country

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Jane Osuagwu
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