South Korean cargo ship carrying 4,200 new cars capsizes off Georgia coast


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Several thousand new cars on board a cargo ship have capsized near Brunswick Port Georgia. The ship belongs to a South Korean car carrier. Check more details below!

A huge cargo ship said to be carrying more than 4000 new cars headed for the Middle East have capsized in St Simons Island near Brunswick, Georgia USA.

Information gathered by Naijauto says the cargo vessel named Golden Ray is owned by Hyundai Glovis, a South Korean car carrier.


The cargo vessel named Golden Ray is owned by Hyundai Glovis, a South Korean car carrier

The ship was reported to be carrying about 4,200 new cars on board and was leaving Brunswick Port when it started listing heavily in the early hours of Sunday. 24 crew members were on board and sent out an urgent 911 call to US Coast Guard Seventh District. A rescue team was dispatched to the scene and 20 crew members were rescued remaining 4 others who were stuck.

An updated report said it took the rescue team more than 36 hours to finally get the 4 others out of the capsized vessel.

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The ship was reported to be carrying about 4200 new cars on board for importation

No one could tell why the cargo vessel turned to one of the sides and overturned.


The rescue team were dispatched to save the 24 crew members onboard the capsized vessel

According to reports, there were speculations that the cars onboard the capsized ship were Hyundai and Kia brands. However, a Hyundai spokesman debunked it. Many cars were reported to be Kia while others were from other global automakers.

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Some of the rescue team and a crew member being rescued from the capsized vessel

The Golden Ray cargo ship is said to have been built to accommodate 6,933 vehicles.

Watch the cargo ship as it capsized off Georgia coast, USA

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