Revealed! "Care key" for setting speed limit introduced by Volvo


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Volvo has found a way to put reckless driving under control with this care key. Take a look at what the special key by Volvo Cars is capable of doing!

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One of the most successful and longest serving automakers in the world, Volvo Cars, has recently introduced a “care key” that will be able to set speed limit for all Volvo cars. Volvo, German automaker, doesn’t joke with the safety of people using its products. In its commitment to preserve the lives of people behind the wheel, the company has created a niche for itself in the automotive industry as one of the few automakers that always concentrate on manufacturing or pre-installing varieties of safety gadgets in their vehicles.


Volvo Cars is making this care key a standard feature in all car produced from year 2020

Volvo Cars revealed this special key few days ago. According to the company, the exciting thing about the care key lies in its ability to set speed limit for the driver, who might be the owner of the car or anybody which includes the entire member of the household or even personal drivers. The designated care key will be used as standard for all vehicles manufactured by Volvo Cars starting from the model year 2021.

There was an announcement earlier this month after the launching of the care key, that Volvo Cars will be putting the peak speed on every car produced by it to 112 miles per hour (180kph) as from year 2020. This will be a way of letting people know and sending a strong signal about the danger of over speeding while on the road.


Collision like this, caused by over-speeding will be prevented by this special care key by Volvo

Volvo Cars Executive, Håkan Samuelsson, in a recent statement said the company is about to start a public discussion as to whether car manufacturers possess the responsibility and the rights to install technologies in vehicle that modify the behaviour of car owners when behind the wheels. The fact that such technologies have been available to use makes it a much more important topic for such conversation.

Volvos orange Care Key lets owners set speed limits for thrill seeking youths

You should know that these care key and the speed limit are products of the company’s intention to bring such question of behavioural modification of the drivers’ safety to the automotive scene. This is also an initiative and illustration on how automakers can drive it into their products’ policy by ensuring that they produce and release to the markets cars that can guarantee zero traffic fatalities by encouraging smart and safe drivers on the road.

>>> Volvo is always the leading carmaker in ensuring safety for its passengers. Check out its latest event here: Volvo celebrates 60 years of promoting safety with digital library

Oluwaseun Adeniji
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