[Photos] This ₦651 million Carbon-Clad Porsche 935 sportscar is captivating


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If you love fast cars, these photos and video of a Carbon-Clad Porsche 935 sportscar tuned by Hollmann international will mesmerize you. See for yourself!

The renowned German car tuning company, Hollman International has done it again. The company recently released photos and details of a unique Porsche 935 sportscar finished with carbon fibre and priced at a whopping ₦651million or $1.71million. Yes, you read that right!


German car tuning company, Hollman International unveils a unique Porsche 935 model with a carbon fibre body (skin)

In case you are not aware, only 77 units of the Porsche 935 sportscar was originally rolled out by the Porsche AG. So, this means that Hollman International decided to pick a sportscar that is ordinarily very “rare” and yet tuned it to become even more unique and “super-rare”. This also explains why the company has added a price tag of $1.71million (₦651million) to its modified unit.


Out of 77 units of the original Porsche 935, Hollman International has tuned one unit and made it even more unique

Photo Source: Hollman International

As for the technical details of Hollman International’s modified Porsche 935 model, below is a list of notable features:

  • 3.8L twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine that pumps out 690hp (same as that of a road-legal 911 GT2 RS)
  • 7-Speed dual-clutch transmission that comes with strong mounts which send all of the engine generated power to the vehicle’s rear wheels (in a setup that utilizes a limited-slip differential optimized for car racing)
  • Exquisite Carbon fibre finished body/skin and other unique exterior modifications

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The entire exterior finishing and “reimagining” done by Hollman International to this special Porsche 935 makes it obvious that the car will be an absolute joy to ride if one ever gets the chance.

Below is a video showcasing more details of the modified sportscar:

  €1.5M Full Carbon Porsche 935 - INSANE CAR!

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