Shocking! A car is torn apart by a band of stray dogs!


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"How much damage can some dogs could do to a car", you might ask. I guess most of you will be surprised!

Stray dogs, how often would you see them on the streets? Not that frequent, to our estimation. If you belong to the majority of Nigerians who are fortunate enough to live in an urban area and far away from the inner city, chances are you'd hardly see a wild animal running around on the streets. This is partly due to the fact that streets in the center of a city like Lagos are often swamped with cars and bikes during the day, living literally no place for any animal, let alone wild ones, to run freely. Also, the presence of humans in bunches oftentimes scare away most wild animals, regardless of their size. 

You not seeing them doesn't mean they don't exist. Wild animals, especially stray dogs, often get out on the streets when all the lights are out and you are all comfy in your warm bed. They often go in great numbers to back each other up and do things that only God knows what.

Now, if you were to be given a guess on what they are often doing at nights, what would that be? Given their conditions, one would probably guess that they will sniff around to look for leftovers and rancid foods, just trying to survive day to day. So that sounds pretty logical, doesn't it? Now, what would they do for fun though? Again, given their inferior mindset and poor condition, at best they would dig in some garbages and make a mess around. I couldn't possibly think any further.

Well, you could be wrong...

The wild dogs ripped off the bumper

The wild dogs ripped off the bumper

In a camera footage, which I will leave the link below for you to see with your own eyes. A band of stray dogs casually strolling on the street and they encountered a car. At this point, you would think that "okay, so they peed on it, big deal!". Wrong again. Actually, they RIPPED OFF the bumper. Yes, you head that right. A bunch of rather small-sized dogs tore the bumper of a car away with their collective strength. After they're done, they casually walked away, just like the way they had been there. I wonder what made them that angry? Normally a dog would only react that way if there's a cat nearby, so our guess would involve a cat stuck inside the hood and its sound provoked the stray dogs.

Even in my wildest guess, I couldn't possibly think that those dogs can do this

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