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The automobile industry is ever changing and it keeps bringing up upgraded versions of various car brands. These new car technologies of 2019 are already making waves. See them below!

The automobile industry always brings up new advancements every year, upgrading brands and making the vehicles more comfortable and sleek. These new technologies are way worth it, this is why has highlighted new car technologies and how they are altering the way we drive.

Check out these sleek and comfortable new car technologies of 2019. The great part is their features are also available in budget-friendly or economical cars too.

1. Road Scanning

This technology is for people who want to be aware of the road’s condition so as to drive accordingly. The technology warns you about the landscape ahead so you can be prepared to ride smoothly by keeping those potholes at bay. Let’s admit it, road scanning will be very helpful when driving on most Nigerian roads.

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How cool to have a car tell you about the road situation ahead before getting there

2. Smartphone connection via Apple Carplay and Android Automobile

Now smartphones can be connected to one's car screen. Your smartphone will show the entire information showing on the car’s screen. The automobile technology experts allow you to connect your car and smartphone so you can view all needed data while driving. It is becoming stable for drivers so they don’t need to take your phone in hands while driving. This technology in the car can also prevent accidents that can happen due to accessing smartphone during rides.

3. Wireless charging

Do you know how comfortable and amazing it can be to charge your phones without your usual wire chargers? Wireless charging is one of the newest technologies in cars; it lets you focus on your driving. You won’t feel obligated to check those charging cords repeatedly.

One can put the phone in the charging slot that promotes the wireless charging and let it do its thing. The feature was introduced in many well-known brands like Honda, Hyundai, Ford, and Toyota. Naijauto suggest you check for the feature when shopping for your next automobile.

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Nothing worrying about battery running low in long hours of traffic sure is a great feeling

4. One App vehicle control

Now, you don’t actually need your vehicle to control your vehicle. Automobile makers have made it attainable to control the automobile via one app solely. Whether it is about blowing the horn, flashing the lights, starting your car or any other operation you can do it all with just one app. Tesla was first to introduce this feature, which was then followed by brands like Chevrolet, BMW, and Lincoln too.

5. Teen driver technology

The teens are not left behind in this new auto car technology. A teen driver technology is the mechanism that allows teens to drive safely. Now, folks don't have to worry regarding whenever they hand over their vehicle to their teens.

The ‘teen driver technology’ has some limitations for young drivers, which let them drive safely, including:

  • You can’t use stereo while driving.
  • You can’t increase speed more than a certain extent.
  • The technology provides parents with a report on their driving skills and shows how responsibly they performed.

6. Vehicle tracking software

Vehicle tracking software isn't new, it has been around for a while now. You need not worry about lost or stolen vehicle anymore. This new technology lets you find your car by tracking its live location. The technologies like connected drive or OnStar lets the driver find the automobile. There are alternative safety features also that can rescue the car from thieves.

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7. Cruise control

Cruise control is the feature that allows you to be snug without fear regarding controlling the car’s speed. This new car of technology of 2019 in automobiles sets your vehicle for a specific speed when there are no frequent stops. This is performed by employing a set of sensors that works when there is no reason to apply frequent brakes.

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8. Lane departure technology

This technology works for when we get distracted. No matter what can cause distraction, it is time to worry less and enjoy more. This feature warns you each time you get in a wrong lane consciously or consciously. There are cameras connected alongside the sensors that constantly notice if you're entering into the right path. So with this new technology, there is no need to fear.

9. Automatic emergency braking

It is another feature that saves you against accidents that come as a result of bumping your automobile into something. The system alarms the driver once something wrong appears to happen. Sometimes, it can keep you from an entire crash and lets you return home all fit and fine.


With this feature, it helps reduce the volumes of accidents on the road

10. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication or V2V is another new car of technology of 2019 innovation in autos that allows vehicles to talk to each other, things around them and the road. This innovation will help decrease traffic, vehicle accidents, and fatalities. With this innovation, your vehicle will get a signal from the other vehicles in your route directly, in this way cautioning you through a potential crash prediction or automatically applying the brakes.

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Another new car technology is the multi-angle cameras. This new car technology helps significantly during rides. The multi-angle cameras fitted at many points share their views with the driver.

These views are typically hidden because of the blind spots in an automobile. However, taking advantage of latest technology, one can easily see what is coming. This can contribute to controlling the overall rates of accidents due to blind spots.

These and a few others are all the technologies that have happened between 2018 and now. When next you want to purchase a car, watch out for any of these new car of technology of 2019.

>>> Always keep updated with latest car technologies on Naijauto newsfeed!

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