Car swerved off the road, flew over several cars at dealership (Video)


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Don't drive when you're dizzy! Watch the moment a car went airborne after the driver felt dizzy and lost control of it. The video was recorded in Florida, USA.

Don't drive whenever you are dizzy else you'll face the consequences that are bound to follow.

A video making the rounds online has shown the moment a car flew into the air and over dozens of vehicles lined up for sale at a car dealership, before crash landing and hitting two parked cars. The crash was said to have occurred at Crystal Ford Lincoln, an auto dealership in Citrus Florida.

This is the Crystal Ford Lincoln auto dealership in Citrus, Florida

The car, a white Toyota Camry, had swerved off the road and then went over an embankment before flying into the air and over several cars without hitting any of them.


Here comes the white Toyota Camry flying over the cars at the auto dealership

According to the sales manager of the auto dealership, Bruce Azevedo,

"You could feel it. You could feel the, I don’t know, in your chest the compression when it hit.

And then as we spun around to see it, I saw it take out the Navigator. Which if the Navigator wasn’t there it probably would’ve went into the showroom."

Watch the video.

The driver felt dizzy and lost control of his car which went airborne

A Citrus County police say the driver was hospitalized after the crash but he's expected to be alright.

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