These car stunts in movies definitely go wrong in real life


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What if we told you that some car stunt myths you are used to seeing in movies will definitely go wrong if tried in real life? Check them out here and don't ever think you will try them at home!

Indian movies, Korean dramas, Nollywood dramas, and Hollywood blockbusters have fed many of us over the years with some impractical and impossible car stunts which most of the movie fans have gotten used to believing some of them as real whereas, if you try them in real life, you will surely get a different and negative result.


Car stunts shown in movies are meant to entertain you but usually impractical in reality

Many of you will at first not want to believe Naijauto for claiming that some of these common stunts are actually fake because you see the same thing everywhere. But, just try to pay attention as we explain exactly why some of them are fake and impractical in real life.

You can literally say we are “Myth Bursting” here 😊!

Below are the top car stunts in all movies but often fail in real life. Your car will never remain the same after those actions.

1. People landing right in front of the car after the accident

It is already like a “custom” or “tradition” especially in Nollywood movies, to see people get hit by moving cars and immediately land right in front of that same car. It even gets worse when you sometimes see the actor/actress sliding gradually off the moving vehicle’s bonnet as he/she falls to the ground majestically right in front of it.

All these are big lies!

Even if a car is moving at a very slow speed, it is still very unlikely that a victim will land right at its front when he/she gets hit by such a car.

See the video below for real-life reference;


If you ever meet anyone that has been hit by a moving motorcycle, tricycle or car before; ask them and they will tell you how they were flying in the air for some seconds before landing in an arbitrary place.

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2. Any speeding car will successfully jump from one cliff to another

This is only practical if your car is of a very lightweight and the distance between the cliffs is very short. Even with that, you can successfully make the jump but if your car is not specially built for such an impact, it will become seriously damaged by the time you land on the other cliff.


Don’t ever try jumping from the cliff with your car like this except you are ready for an overhaul!

3. Shooting at the fuel tank of any car will cause it to explode

The popular TV show “MythBusters” has tested out and proven this common movie ideology to be totally impractical as tried firing several rounds of bullets directly at the tank of a vehicle only to successfully get just a minor fire caused by a little spark but no visible explosion at all.

We are however not disputing the possibility of an explosion in some very rare occasions but surely not as regular or instant as you see in movies.

4. Any car will explode on touching the ground after falling from a cliff

This only happens once out of like 100 cases according to an extensive test by the popular TV show “MythBusters”.

It’s just almost completely impractical, unlike the way most movies usually its.

5. All cars are capable of protecting you from bullets

You will often see in most movies how the hero and heroine would usually take cover behind any car they see whenever their opposition is shooting at them. This is a completely ridiculous stunt.

Unless a car is specially equipped with enough ballistic protection like in the military-grade vehicles, it will never stop a single bullet from passing through.

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Bullets will effortlessly pass through the body of any car that is not specially built to be bulletproof

Only the engine area of a non-bulletproof vehicle stands a small chance of even protecting you against bullets in real life but still with little guarantee.

6. You can easily ride on top of a moving car

If you stay in Lagos, go ahead and ask a “Danfo” conductor if he can stand on top of a moving vehicle and feel comfortable. But you see in most action movies, how riding on top of a car is usually portrayed to be relatively easy as long as you are bold enough to do so.


Sorry! “Fast & Furious” lied to you when its actors easily jumped on top of moving cars without getting hurt

If you dare try such a stunt in real life, you will just get thrown off the car and break a number of bones in your body.

7. Hot-wiring cars is very easy

This is one thing can be done successfully in older vehicles but surely not as effortless and easy as it is usually portrayed in movies.

Don’t ever expect to hop into a very old car, use a screwdriver to get out some wires, cut and join them, and “boom”, the car starts. And when it comes to modern cars, hot-wiring is almost just impossible because of the newer technologies.

8. Cars jump off high places and land safely

If you have ever experienced an impact from crashing into another car or vice versa, you will understand how great impacts usually affects normal cars.

Even if you drive a 2020 Toyota Camry car, don’t ever try jumping off high places and expect to land safely without the car getting a single scratch or even worst, completely dying from the impact.

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9. You can easily get an abandoned car to start

How many times have you seen in movies, scenes where an actor/actress will just dust off an old abandoned car, hop into it, breathe and start the car with excitement that the car just picked up straightaway?


No matter how neat an abandoned car looks, you should never expect it to start easily

Well, in reality, you cannot abandon a car for a long time, and just expect it to start up without needing to fuel it or charge the battery.

10. Drifting makes you go faster in a chase

This is one usually exhilarating car stunt that is shown all the time in action movies to give a feeling of speed whereas, in real life, it’s a big lie!

Yes, if you have ever played a car racing video game or tried drifting a car in real life then, you will be fully aware that drifting actually reduces speed significantly when racing and will make anyone chasing you to catch up with you easily.

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