A car was stolen with its man slept off in the back seat all through


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Could you ever imagine a man sleeping in the back seat of a car while his car gets stolen and crashed yet the thief escaped? Read the true-life story here now!

We find this particular news report interesting to us at Naijauto because it’s just unimaginable to believe that a full-grown man would sleep off at the back of his car while a car thief not only stole his car but also crashed it later on.

This actually happened recently in Delaware, United States – A certain musician identified as Justin Koerner told Newsmen that he had spent the night with his friends playing music with them and then went to lay his head in his car which afterward, he said that he had a dream where he had seen someone jumped in his car’s front seat and drove it away with him inside.

Justin’s nightmare however became reality the next day as he woke up in a destroyed bush into the hands of the Newark police, who were ready to take him away just before another police officer present there said that he met with another neighbor that claims to have CCTV footage of the incident as it had been told by Justin.


The car thief just drove the car away without seeing the musician at the back seat

On getting this report, we weren’t sure whether to classify it as simply hilarious or to pity the victim “Justin” as its just ridiculous how he could have been sleeping all through when the car thief not only broke into his car, the thief actually stole the car perfectly, drove off for a while before seeing Justin sleeping at the back seat and then crashed the car as he/she bailed out in fear.

Could this happen in Nigeria?

There is so much indication to suspect that Justin might be drunk or being on some type of drugs to have been unconscious all through the incident and had to only awake properly the next day when the police had come.

We actually suggest you discuss this news report with your friends and family, ask them if they could ever sleep off in such scenario Lol.

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