[Video] Driver escapes death despite car somersaulting in a fatal crash

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Check out the viral video that captured a recent fatal car crash from which reports say that the driver miraculously walked away with just minor injuries.

During the last weekend, we got a viral video and reports of a recent ghastly car accident that occurred in Canada which has got many people talking about.

The video captured the moment a car lost control, somersaulted multiple times, crashed into another parked car, and later turned over on its head. But what shocked everyone about the incident was the police report which revealed that the driver survived with just minor injuries. A miracle, isn’t it?


A 28-year-old man in Canada reportedly walked away with minor injuries despite his car somersaulting multiple times in a recent crash

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According to reports, this incident occurred over the weekend in Brampton city, Canada. Even the viral video of the fatal crash is poor in quality, one could still see when the car somersaulted severally and how badly it was wrecked after the incident. Check out the video below;

Dramatic high-speed crash in Brampton caught on video

Official police reports claim that the driver involved in the accident was actually traveling on Williams Parkway when he lost control of the vehicle. This caused the vehicle to begin fishtailing for a short while before hitting a tree, somersaulting multiple times, and later landing upside down on its rooftop.

As seen in the video, the car did not only hit a tree but also bashed another vehicle that was parked by the roadside and could have also hit a Green electrical box before stopping.

Now, what was really disappointing about this entire incident is a part of the police report revealing that the 28-year-old man actually operated the car in a very dangerous manner thereby causing the crash. Quite appalling isn’t it?


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