The most ridiculous car scam you would see today


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Ever hear of the term "desperate theft"? Well, you will today since this guy stole a car without even trying to hide his identity. Spare 2 minutes to know who.

Before you attempt to read the article, take a moment to remember all the most absurd stories about car scammers you've heard? Finished yet? Okay, now it's time for you to forget everything about them. After reading this article, we think you'd understand why.

First, let's review our knowledge on "scam". How can you define a scam?

Most of the time, a scam is when some tricksters or criminals trying to trick you into giving him what's not supposed to be his or her. In those cases, the scammers often use a technique to first hide their identity, for example, their name, age, origin, nationality and sometimes even their appearance, etc; so that when things turn sour, their victims wouldn't be able to track him down and report him to the authority. 


Not revealing true identity is (probably) lesson one in Criminal 101 course

This idea is not in some sort of "theft manual", it's just the way all criminals do and over time, it's learned, adapted or taken to another level by other criminals, each time more sophisticated than the previous ones.

Apparently, the above definition is archaic now, at least according to this guy in the U.S.

As reports reach Naijauto, one middle-aged man went to an auto salon of Maserati and went window shopping for a while before attempting to manipulate the salesperson. His name is McGilvary and is already 45 years old. At this point, you would think that the name is likely fake since no criminal would reveal their true identity when they try to steal or scam something out of somebody.


The salesperson was fooled by the groomed appearance of the middle-aged man

Well, you would be wrong. This guy belongs to the minority of criminals who don't do things in conventional ways, that's his real name. Now what he did next was seemingly normal for a person who was looking to buy a vehicle, he asked to give the Maserati Grandturismo a test drive. The salesperson, naturally, accepted the request. In fact, the man looked so accomplished that it was the salesperson that urged the man to drive, thinking he would have a day off should he close this deal.

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The two drove off to some random streets. When they stopped outside a small lane, the salesperson was asked to leave the car so his prospective customer would drive in and impress his supposed girlfriend. The Maserati representative waited patiently and found out about the truth about his supposed customer 30 minutes later. He immediately reported to the police. 


The blue beauty is still nowhere to be found

Needless to say, with the name of the theft and the footage from the salon's cameras, the police managed to track the guy down in no time and had him arrested. It was unsure where the theft had driven the car to. The search for the vehicle continued and we would update latest information on Naijauto news!

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