7 car safety technology acronyms you need to know


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Does your car seem to drive itself? It sometimes does! Know the meaning of the weird auto technology terms that makes your car do this and keep you safe. Check them out!

You might probably be seeing quite a lot of car safety technology acronyms but understanding it might be difficult for you. It's okay if you don't know what these safety technology acronyms mean or stand for because almost every car maker brings up or uses their own safety related acronyms. It is important that you know these things as they are real resources in your car which use technology to keep you safe. Remember you don’t need to know them by heart, just a general awareness of what they mean and what functions they execute is enough to begin with.

In this article Naijauto.com will be listing the most used safety technology acronyms with adequate explanations about each one:

1. ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

There is possibility you might have heard some car salesmen use the word ‘Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’ No matter the car brand,  this is the same as it is a general acronym. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are systems or features in your vehicle that provide a driver with detailed and helpful information, automate responses or repetitive tasks, with the goal of bringing about an overall increase in car safety for everyone on the road. Some of the advanced driver assistance systems have been around for a while, while others are been modified and created in accordance with the growth of modern technology. They include many functions such as ABS or automated brake assist.


They may sound strange, but the systems behind these acronyms keep you safe

2. LKA - Lane Keep Assist

This automation will notify the driver to stay in the lane while driving if it’s dangerous to move out of the lane. Apart from warning the driver to remain in his lane, the lane keep assist may gently steer your car back with to the right lane when you shift from it.


The LKA gives you assistance from time to time to keep to a lane 

How does the Lane Keep Assist do this? There is a front-facing camera that tracks road markings. This checks if the car is drifting away, or off its lane or if the car is going into the path of another vehicle.

3. BLIS - Blind Spot Information System

This is a sensor device that helps to detect a car that is near your vehicle located to the driver’s side or rear. That is, it reviews and warns of any car that is not visible in the blind monitor. Its warning signs could be visual, audible, vibrating, or tactile, depending on the model of car.


The sensors in this system give you proximity warning when you are reversing for instance

4. ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control

Many accidents that happen start with collisions. With adaptive cruise control, you will prevent ‘tail-gating’ the car in front of you. This is very useful for highway driving, where you constantly prevent your car from colliding with the car in front when you are on high speed. The ACC helps you maintain a certain distance between your vehicle and the one in front.

5. CAS - Collision Avoidance Systems

From the name you can easily tell its function, the collision avoidance system warns the driver when there is an object ahead that could lead to a collision. The object could be a pedestrian, proximity car, bicycle, motorcycle, animals or any road obstruction. For some cars, the collision avoidance system may help the driver to apply the brake. It's also known as collision mitigating system, pre-crash system or forward collision warning system, depending on the brand and model.

6. AEB - Autonomous Emergency Braking

This detects crash ahead of the vehicle in front and takes action. When a vehicle in front slows down suddenly, the autonomous emergency Braking will alert the driver who acts. If the driver fails to act, the brake will apply immediately.


Emergency brake assist can prevent costly accidents like this

7. HDC - Hill Descent Control

This advanced driver assistance system is quite a useful one as it helps to slow down a car while descending a sloppy or rough hilly path. In a descending road, without the driver applying the brakes, I will do so if necessary. It is also known as hill mode descent control.

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