Car recalls for the first quarter of 2019


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Some of the issues your car has aren't your fault. Could be from the manufacturer. Know more about this here.

New car models get released into the automobile market everytime and all year round. When customers order for them and there's a slight fault, it could be from the offloading or slight tremors during delivery. This is usually fixed by the professionals or even by yourself, if it's not an advance fault. However, when every other customer complains about the same fault, then an investigation starts and in many cases the car model gets recalled.

In the first 3 months of 2019, there was quite a number of car recalls. Here are the top most popular - just in case your vehicle is one of those.

Over 55,000 Volkswagen SUVs and cars (2015-19 models) recalled

In March 2019, more than 55,000 Volkswagen Tiguans, Golfs, Jettas and Sportwagens were recalled due to the fracture-prone coil springs at the vehicles rear. There were fears that if this rear coil spring fractures it could lead to loss of control of the vehicle and subsequent damage of the tyre at the back as well. Although some users simply got new coil springs for their rear axle. But the brand's non-luxury division already took the hit and recalled the cars.

a Volkswagen Golf

55,000 Volkswagen cars including Golfs and Jettas were reccalled due to the fracture-prone coil springs

Over 45,000 Volvo XC60 (2018-19 models) recalled

The luxury compact SUV, Volvo XC60, was recalled by the brand early this year when customers complained that the tailgate was being affected by a change in temperatures (which aren't always even extreme). The problem was that when the weather is cold for instance, the lifting arms of the tailgate gets frozen and eventually separates. This can not only cause an accident for the driver but also for any other driver following them behind. The good thing is that Volvo has come up with a much more better upgrade of the lifting arms - which will be made available to owners as soon as they're available.

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Over a million Subaru SUVs and cars recalled

Touted the grandmaster of recalls for the first quarter, Subaru recalled about 1.2 million+ of its cars and SUVs due to how the car's components reacted to everyday chemical compounds. Household items like car polish would rub on the brakelight and it would suddenly affect it's illumination. Even exposure to fabric softeners prevented the ignition from coming on and in some cases affected gear shifts. Subaru cars with key-less ignitions were even the most affected. Therefore, If you already drive a Subaru CrossTrek, WRX and STI, Impreza or a Forester, endeavor to change the brakelight once you encounter that illumination issue.

75,000 Audis (2015-18 models) recalled

Audi recalled about 75,000 of its Q7, A8, A7 and A6 cars. This is because the models had issues with the fuel rails where it leaks. When such leakage occurs while driving, a driver would likely lose control of the vehicle. Although the solution is to replace the leaking fuel rail.

a brown Audi

Luxury brands like Audi are not exception for serious defects

Almost a million Fiat Chrysler cars 

The catalytic converters of some Chrysler cars began emitting pollutants into the air once they deteriorate. The recalls weren't forced per say, but the environmental impact it would have made the brand to recall over 800,000 of its vehicles. But Fiat has endeavoured make available a new upgrade of the converters, plus a powertrain software to go with.

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