7 worst car recalls ever in the auto industry


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Cars are sooner or later vulnerable to many faults and defects but among them are serious consequent that costs the lives of millions, which urges the manufacturers to take actions. These 7 worst recalls ever have shaken the world for its severity as well as the money it took away from the manufacture. Check out!

Car recalls happen for a good number of reasons and the truth is that they are not unusual. Each year, motorists and car owners experience mild car problems that would require them going back to their dealership to get them fixed.

It doesn’t usually end there as in some of those cases, a large number of people experience similar issues with the same car. This sure gets the attention of the car manufacturers forcing them into mass recalls. At the end, the manufacturers might have to spend a lot of money to amend the damage and might even end up with a tarnished image as well.

One might think that cases like the Volkswagen emission scandal could have been the worst of them but you’d be surprised. Here is a list of the worst car recalls ever, according to Naijauto.com!

1. Toyota’s gas pedal defect

Toyota seems to make it to the list of car recalls twice. It all started with faulty rubber floor mats. Toyota recalled up to 55,000 sets of rubber floor mats from the Lexus ES 350 and Toyota Camry models in 2007. According to NHTSA, this was because the unsecured mats posed the risk of moving forward and trapping the accelerator pedal.

That was not the full story, however, as the problem persisted even after the floor mats were taken care of. More investigations were carried out which revealed that the problem was partially from the gas pedal itself, thus the controversial issue was termed ‘pedal entrapment’. In 2010, Toyota had a recall issue with the Toyota Corolla after a defect in the gas pedal caused it to get stuck even while in full-throttle acceleration. This led to 31 deaths and 9 million cars were recalled causing to spend millions of dollars.


Toyota charged to pay over a billion dollars in damages

2. Ford’s cruise control

The cruise control switches found in different Ford vehicles were made by Texas Instruments - the same company that invented the T1-83 calculators. The deactivation switches had issues in that they easily overheat and increases the chances of fire hazards even when the vehicle ignition is off.

Signs of failure also did present as unusual activation of bake lights, malfunctioning brakes and cruise control. It affected different models of the Ford and up to 14.9 million vehicles were recalled.

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3. Ford’s automatic transmission defect

Ford seems to have appeared much in this list of recalls. In this case termed the ‘park-to-reverse’ automatic transmission defect, Ford vehicles could be kept in the park only for them to slip into reverse.

After about 23,000 complaints, 6,000 accidents and 1710 injuries, the government were forced to swing into action and about 21 million vehicles were recalled.


Ford seems the most hectic with recalling among all car manufacturers

4. Volkswagen emission issue

The Volkswagen scandal in 2016 was a pretty big one. It was caused by a software installation that gave false results on emission, which was against the rules of EU. Up to 8.5 million vehicles where recalled and it cost the company not less than £12 billion to correct.

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Many consider the Volkswagen emission scandal is the biggest scandal in the auto industry history

5. Ford Pinto’s fuel tank rupture

Although they had been in the market for a long time, the actual recall only took place in the year 1978 when Ford came to acknowledge the fact that the Pinto’s fuel tanks ruptures and explodes into flames after a rear-end collision.

Ford recalled more than a million Ford Pinto and this did cost them millions in settlements.

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6. General Motors recalls

GM had their first recall in 1971; another in 1981 and yet another in 2014. The first recall was as a result sudden acceleration problems and about 7 million cars were recalled.

The second recall was a rear suspension bolt issue while that of 2014 was as a result of ignition switch problem. 5.8 million vehicles were recalled in both respectively.

7. Honda airbag issue

The same year that GM had the ignition switch issue, Honda was faced with the airbag issue. The airbags wouldn’t inflate properly making them dangerous in the cases of accidents and this affected up to 20 models. 5.8 million cars were recalled.

Video: 7 worst car recalls ever

Car recalls might sound like bad news especially as regards business but if not done that way, it might lead to even greater damage in the future. Besides, people may not want to buy such afflicted vehicles.

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