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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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You will be blown away by its ridiculous memory size and engaging graphic design. The article also includes direct link to download this game for Android users. Check it below!

Car racing games are the all-time favorite of many phone users, be it iOS or Android. I personally have played far too many games on the Android platform, to the point where I think there isn't a racing game that I have never played before, not even one.

After testing and evaluating top-rated games on the store, I've come down with my most favorable choice. I'm sure you would love it too - the Asphalt: Nitro. And here's the reason why:


Amongst thousands of other car racing apps, Asphalt: Nitro truly stands out

1. Technical details of Asphalt: Nitro car racing game

  • Its storage size

The size of the .exe file is only 25 megabytes, can you believe it? It's way too small for a racing game since it has to cover a whole host of features and graphic designs. Also, the installation files only take up around 200mb in your storage, leaving you countless space to store other games (or thousand selfies of your girlfriend, if have).

  • The graphics

With a ridiculously small storage size, you'd be surprised by its graphic. Though it cannot be compared with the other version of Asphalt, the graphic is somewhere in the 7th place, on a scale from 1 to 10.


Who would have thought they would get this level of graphics with such a small storage size

  • Its RAM optimization

It utilizes your phone's RAM very efficiently. You can install it on virtually any phone with less than 1gb and more than 500mb of RAM and it will run seamlessly. The only time when you'd feel some delay is when the 3G network/Wifi is weak.

  • Its low data usage

You don't have to sit near the wifi router for this game to work. We've tested it on some 2G network and there's no apparent lag and/or delay.

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Feel the game atmosphere in this trailer!

2. Gameplay details of Asphalt: Nitro

  • The multiplayer feature

You'd think that the developer would cut down on some features where possible to produce such a light app. On the contrary, you can comfortably compete with other people online. It even has monthly tournaments for you to showcase your skills.

  • The cars collection

Not just multiplayer feature, the car collection in this game also goes beyond your imagination. The developer managed to squeeze in more than fifty cars, ranging from economy cars to the super luxury like the McLaren P1 or Lamborghini.

a Lamborghini design in game

With just a modest number of storage size, you get to experience a myriad of supercars

Now, if you have 200mb left in your phone, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the game for Android!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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