Young Gombe man builds unique car out of local materials


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Have you seen viral photos of a unique car that was reportedly built locally by a young Nigerian man from Gombe state? Check out the photos here!

While the likes of Ray Hushpuppi and his internet fraud gang are putting Nigeria on the “bad books” of other world nations; few talented young Nigerians are also “wowing” the world with their talent in positive ways. One of such talented young Nigerians is a man identified as Muhammad Mustapha whose latest creation went viral over the last weekend.

Yes, the young man built a unique functional car from only local materials he could lay his hands on. See the car below;


A talented Young man from Gombe state has gone viral after building a functioning car from just local materials in his hometown

Earlier this year, we reported about a similar unique Made-in-Nigeria car spotted in Lagos but not many people noticed that one. Now again, another such talent has been spotted in one of the remote areas of Gombe state surprisingly.

An online news source with the name “Northeast Reporters” on Facebook shared photos and news of this recent creation by a young Gombe man who created a car that seems to be “cross-breed” of a small car and an SUV. According to the reports, the talented young man did not only make the entire car from scratch using local materials; he was also seen driving the car around his neighbourhood to prove that it is functional.

Below is a screenshot of the reports by Northeast Reporters;


Online news source, Northeast Reporters confirms reports of young Gombe man who built a functional car from local materials

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And just a few months back, another talented 25-year old Nigerian launched his Made-in-Nigeria sports car as well. Check out the stunning sports car in the video below;

We hope that someday, affluent Nigerians would notice some of these “wasted” talents and invest in them to show the world what our young citizens are capable of doing.

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