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Ijapa, Big for Nothing, End of Discussion, Evil Spirit and so on. Nigerians are known as creative and funny people when it comes to coining nicknames for their favoured car models. Check out how many Nigerian car nicknames you know!

It's a known fact that Nigerians have a passion for cars and some celebrities in Nigeria are much in love with cultivating a crowded garage of the luxurious car too. The society at present has portrayed cars as symbols of status. So, it’s no surprise that a Nigerian Christian considers it to be a testimony worth giving in church when he buys a brand-new Japanese car. Cars are a sure definition of success.

Aside Nigerians' love for cars, they are also known to give humorous names to those vehicles. Nigerians have nicknamed some popular car models and these nicknames are now common that the models' real names magically wiped off from their minds. And in most cases, their real names are not even known.
As compiled together here on, let’s dive in to check out the most famous Nigerian nicknames for cars and why they are named as such.

The most famous Nigerian nicknames for cars

1. Ijapa - Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle was the idea and invention of Ferdinand Porsche and Nazi Germany leader, Adolf Hitler. Hitler commissioned the Beetle with the name 'people's car' in the 1930s


The ijapa

It was popular in Nigeria at the beginning of the 70s up till the ending of the 80s when the car was locally assembled there. And the nickname Nigerians gave the Volkswagen Beetle was 'ijapa'.
Ijapa is from a Yoruba origin, meaning tortoise. This name perfectly describes the shape of the Beetle that bears the same similar look to the tortoise.

2. Evolution - Peugeot 505

If the Beetle was the most popular during the period between 70s and 80s, the next decade was the show of Peugeot's cars. We could easily spot the sight of a Peugeot 504 or 505 in the 80s and 90s. Instead of its kind of lengthy pronunciation, Nigerian drivers called the Peugeot 505 "Evolution" for short!


The Evolution

3. Regular Benz - Mercedes-Benz W123 and W124

The car brand Mercedes-Benz W123 was also one of the most popular cars during that period. This car was called Mercedes-Benz 200 and nicknamed 'Regular Benz’. The reason for this nickname could be that it was a way to distinguish Mercedes 200 from 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300/Mercedes Benz W124. Also, the Mercedes W124 has its own nickname, V-boot for V-shaped resemblance of its boot.


The V-Boot

The middle of the 90s paved the way for Japanese cars in Nigeria which spread across the states. All because the car's rate of fuel consumption is low.
Currently, car brands from Japan, Toyota, and Honda are ranking as top popular car brands in Nigeria. Some of the car models of these Japanese brands have been nicknamed by Nigerians as well.

4. Orobo - Toyota Camry 1995

Nigerians gave this model the nickname 'orobo'.Orobo is a Nigerian slang that refers to a person who is fat. Then it was among the first set of Toyota cars shipped into the country. And it looked fat then.

The Orobo

5. The pencil - Toyota Camry 1999

This Toyota model got the nickname 'the pencil’. Contrast to the 1995 model. The long and slim shape of the model was the reason for the nickname.


The Pencil

6. Big for nothing - Toyota Camry 2004

Guess the nickname given to this model. It’s 'Big for nothing’. The car's large structure didn't receive much acceptance from many Nigerians. It ended up being ridiculed as a result of the big size the car has.

The Big for nothing

7. The muscle - Toyota Camry 2007

The Toyota Camry 2007 model was nicknamed 'The Muscle’. It got this funny name because it has a sleek and curvy feature.


The Muscle

And now, let’s head over to the Honda clan.

8. Halla - Honda Accord 1990

This 1990 Honda model was popularly called 'Honda halla'.Stories had it that the nickname originated from the Northern part of the country as it was popular over there. The rationale behind the name has not been said though.


The Honda halla

9. Bulldog - Honda Accord 1995

This model was given the nickname 'Bulldog’. Its rear has the shape of a ferocious dog, so it's the reason for the name.

The Bulldog

10. Bulldog - Honda Accord 1998

Popularly called the 'Baby boy’, the Honda 1998 model got its nickname at a time a popular culture going by the name hip hop ,was gaining traction in the hearts of Nigerian youth. However, the model's nickname was given around 2001 when the movie titled 'Baby boy', produced by John Singleton, was released. The actor who took the lead role in the movie, Tyrese Gibson drove the Honda Accord in the movie.


The Baby boy

11. End of discussion - Honda Accord 2013

Not only was this model very popular in Nigeria, but it was also projected as a symbol of status. The car came with the engine IV-Tec, which was considered a cutting-edge technology as of that time. This model got the name 'End of discussion' from the catchphrase the automaker made use of during the model's advert.

The End of discussion

12. Evil spirit - Honda Accord 2009 and 2012

These two Accord models got the weird nickname 'Evil spirit’. The name was opted for because of the terrifying looks of the models' headlamps design.


The Evil spirit

13. Discussion Continues - Honda Accord 2006 and 2010

The Honda Accord 2006 and 2010 models succeeded the 2003 model referred to as ‘End of discussion'. And by way of succession, they were nicknamed 'Discussion Continues'.


The End of discussion

The SUV is also another popular car in Nigeria. However, Nigerians have a penchant for referring to every SUV as Jeep and Jeep is known to be an SUV brand. Well, the name Jeep has now been branded on every SUV in sight, in Nigeria.
For an easy read, here is a quick rundown of all the nicknames given to some car brands in tabular form.

27 popular cars and their nicknames by Nigerians 

27 popular cars and their nicknames by Nigerians   
 No  Model  Nickname
 1  Toyota Camry 1991-1996  Orobo
 2  Toyota Camry 1997-2001  Tiny Light / Drop Light / Pencil Light/ I-don-get-job / Millennium
 3  Toyota Camry 2002 -2006  Big Daddy / Big for Nothing
 4  Toyota Camry 2007 - 2011  Muscle / Spider
 5  Toyota Corolla 1996  First lady
 6  Toyota Avalon  Long John
 7  Toyota Highlander  Carton Wagon
 8  Honda Accord 1986 - 1989  Pure Water
 9  Honda Accord 1989 - 1993  Halla
 10  Honda Accord 1993 - 1997  Bulldog / Bullet
 11  Honda Accord 1997 - 2002  Baby Boy / Hennessey
 12  Honda Accord 2002 - 2007  End of Discussion/EOD
 13  Honda Accord 2006/2007  Discussion Continues
 14  Honda Accord 2007 - 2012  Evil Spirit / Shut up
 15  Honda Accord 2012 - 2017  Anaconda
 16  Honda Civic 1996  Thank you Daddy
 17  Peugeot 407  Jet
 18  Volkswagen Beetle  Ijapa/Tortoise
 19  Mercedes Benz 200 1980  Regular Benz
 20  Mercedes Benz 190E  Baby Benz
 21  Mercedes Benz 200E 1982  Vboot
 22 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL  Shagari
 23 1993 Mercedes-Benz S500  Beast
 24 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500 ’  Smiley
 25  BMW 3 series  COJA
 26  Volvo 700 series  Coffin
 27  Any SUV  Jeep

This made in Nigeria car deserves a nickname too

Nigerians are not done with the giving of funny nicknames to cars. It's just in them. We patiently await the next car model that will get its own alias. And while you wait with us too, check out our news section for the latest breaking news and consumer reports across the globe.

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