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You might have been used to museums that hold ancient animals, but if you seek one with some great automobiles, here are 8 car museums you must visit one day!

Museums, generally, are places where historical artifacts are kept and preserved. This is done to remind people of the distinctive features between events in the past and those of the present. But what many people don't know is that there are museums for different kinds of assets. There are war museums, animal museums and car museums. The average Nigerian doesn't even know there are museums for cars. They not only hold ancient models of vehicles but also cars that were made in limited numbers. Some of these museums are meant open to the public while others hold private collection.

However, in this article, we have decided to bring 8 car museums you never knew of and the countries they are located at. Trust us at Naijauto to WOW you as always.

1. AUTOWORLD - Belgium

The city of Brussels in Belgium boasts not only medieval architecture but one of the finest car museums in the world - Autoworld.

The building is home to more than three hundred Mahy vehicles. Only 1,000 Mahy cars were ever made and this museum holds the ideal collection to make you go nuts. Members of Belgium's royal family were some of the notable owners of these cars. You would come across bubble cars and the likes. Every one of the car in Autoworld has unique and bound to give you a different feel from others.


The Autoworld museum in Belgium displays over 1,000 Mahy cars

2. RIGA MOTOR - Latvia

Located in the ancient city of Riga in Latvia (Europe), the Riga motor museum holds a wide range of cars once driven by politicians and leaders from the Soviet Union before it was broken up to smaller countries. Those in power at the Kremlin at the time, had a thing for luxury cars. Most of their luxury vehicles are now kept at the Riga motor museum. The museum also has military trucks and one of the first vehicles ever manufactured, on display.



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Cite de l'automobile (which literally means a place for a cars) is a massive museum situated somewhere in the center of Mulhouse in France. It's home to one of the very first Bugatti Veyrons ever made.

Once you walk into the room housing this beautiful piece of art, you can see the Veyron on a podium and where seeing its unique features clearly won't cause you trouble. There's also the hall of engines which contains engines made from almost two centuries ago till date. Another thing the museum is known for is the 800 streetlights it preserves in a separate room. Perhaps, this is for when streetlights become outdated, one can take their kids there to look at what used to be.


You can find ancient automobiles in the Cite de lautomobile


For those who love German machines, the Audi museum in Ingolstadt, Germany is a must visit. Here, you can have an idea of how the Audi brand has thrived since inception till date. You would see their cars and motorcycles all on display. There are also cool tech features you can access to give you a fee of what being in different Audi cars feel like. They also have over 12 of their popular race cars on display at the museum.


Audi museum mobile in Germany displays the brand's famous racing cars


Ford might be facing lots of troubles recently, but how they pioneered the auto industry can never be overrated. The founder of Ford motors, Henry Ford, has his own museum where once can see how creative he was before his death.

The Henry Ford museum in Michigan, United States, is home to the Quadricycle Roundabout - the first car ever made by Henry Ford. This model was made in 1896 and shows you what driving in the 18th century feels like. The building also holds some Ford cars driven by US presidents. Henry was a lover of music. You can also see some of his expensive musical instruments there on display.


The Henry Ford museum is among the most well-known auto museums on Earth

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Another popular car museum in the US is the Indianapolis motor speedway hall of fame, located in Indianapolis. The notable collection in the museum is the display of most of the cars that have won races in the US since the 18th century. If you're a lover of Formula One or sports cars in general, you should plan a visit to this museum. It's worth the experience. In fact, you're allowed to take pictures in the cars for long lasting memories.


As its name suggests, this museum exhibits top-speeding cars


Kentucky, United States, isn't only home to bowling - but also the National Corvette Museum. Do you love the Corvette brand? Have you wondered how all the cars they ever produced look like? Then you have to visit this museum. You can find the modern versions, their predecessors from decades ago, and even the prototypes.

One funny site attraction is the sink hole inside the museum. It's home to 8 of the brand's most prized possessions. On a good day, the ground holding these 8 cars opened up and "ate" the cars up. So leaving the sink hole there is a reminder of what happened - and an attraction. The museum also provides an internet tour for those who can't come in person. Simply book a tour and get your webcam ready.


Cars in National Corvette museum were once swallowed by the ground


The state of Bavaria holds two museums - the Audi and BMW museums. The BMW welt and museum is located in Munich. It has two divisions - the BMW and the welt division the BMW division showcases their oldest collections and engines; the welt side has the most recent BMW technology and cars - all in display.


The exterior design of BMW Welt Und museum looks mesmerizing

If you love to travel, maybe you should check out some of these top car museums. Perhaps, we would expect the Innoson Motors museum someday! But until then...

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