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We all know that logos hold lots of meaning to a brand, which signifies the brand's vision and strategy. So what are the meanings behind the letters, horse & wing symbols used on car logos? Find out now with Naijauto.com.

Let's play a logo game for some fun:

How many car Logos can you identify and say what their signs and symbols mean and represent? Be rest assured that you will always be the King of the CONCENTRATION-CONCENTRATION games when it rings down to car Logos. But a note of caution, we will only highlight car brands that are still operational and not defunct or have shut the doors. The article will unfold in sections highlighting logos with popular letters, shapes, and animal symbols on them. Now let's get started with most popular car logos with letters, horse & wings, and the meaning:

Car Logos with Letter B

Car Logo with letter B
Brands Logo Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: England, UK

The Wings symbol in the Bentley logo symbolizes speed and stemmed from the aerospace roots. 


Brand Country of Origin: Italy

The Bugatti logo's reversed letter E and B Letter stands for Ettore Bugatti's initials.


Brand Country of Origin: USA

The three shields on the Buick Logo signifies the ancient Buick family coat of arms.


Brand Country of Origin: Germany 

The BMW logo symbol represents a spinning white propeller against a blue sky 

Car Logos with a Horse on

 Car Logo With a Horse  
 Brand Logo  Meaning

Eicher-logo Brand Country of Origin: India

The Horse is always used to represent Strength and Speed.


Brand Country of Origin: Italy 

The Prancing Horse was the insignia used by Francesco Baracca on his warplane. The insignia was later offered to Enzo Ferrari to help preserve the Legacy of the WW1 Hero.


Brand Country of Origin: USA 

The running Horse in the Logo signifies Quality and Speed embodied in every Mustang.


Brand Country of Origin: Germany  

The black horse on the Porsche Logo stands for power. 

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Car Logos with wings on it

   Car Logo With Wings
 Brands Logo Meaning
Aston Martin 

Aston-Martin-logoBrand Country of Origin: England, UK

The wings on the Logo signify Freedom, speed, freedom, and the brand's strong drive to explore the possibilities of the future.

Chrysler-logoBrand Country of Origin: USA 

The Wings on the Chrysler logo signifies speed and is associated with the Roman god, Mercury.

Genesis-logo Brand Country of Origin: South Korea

The Wings on the Genesis Logo signifies Speed. Some analysts also pinpointed that the wings imply that the brand will be ready to go head to head with other high-end brands such as Bentley which is also has wings on its logo.
 Mazda Mazda-Logo

Brand Country of Origin: Japan

This symbolizes Mazda's "readiness to spread their wings as they enter the 21st century".


Brand Country of Origin: UK 

The Mini Logo symbolizes symbolize Freedom and Speed.

Car Logo with a Gold Cross on it   

Car Logo with Gold Cross   
 Brand Logo Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: USA

The Gold Cross on the Chevrolet Logo is also known as the "Bow Tie".

Car Logo that sports a Lion on it

Car Logo with a Lion
 Brands Logo Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: Australia

The Logo is a symbol of a Holden lion Rolling a stone, signifying the Lion like the stance of the Holden Cars.
Peugeot  Peugeot-LogoBrand Country of Origin: France  The lion in the Peugeot Logo represents strength, balance, and flexibility.
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Car Logo with Stars 

   Car Logo with Stars
 Brands Logo Meaning
Mercedes Benz 


Brand Country of Origin: Germany 

The three-point star represents Mercedes-Benz's dominance on Land, air, and sea. (Read more: The story behind Mercedes-Benz logo)


Brand Country of Origin: Germany

The Red red arrowhead on the Pontiac Logo is also known the “Dart.” while the Star in the Logo is used as a form of homage to Pontiac's top trim the Pontiac Chief.


Brand Country of Origin: Japan

The background meaning of the stars in the Subaru logo has its roots in Greek mythology. However, the company says that the big star in the Logo represents the Fuji Heavy Industries FHI while the smaller stars stand for the five companies that merged to form FHI in the '50s.

Lincoln-LogoBrand Country of Origin: USA

The star in the Lincoln Logo is traced back to continental lines which merged with Lincoln. It symbolizes Prestige, Luxury, and Elegance.

The Only Car Logo with 4 Rings

   Car Logo with Four Rings
 Brand Logo Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: Germany 

The four rings in the Audi logo stands for the four members of the Auto Union who merged to form Audi

The Only Car Logo with 3 Diamonds

Car Logo with Three Diamonds
 Brand Logo Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: Japan

The three diamonds signify Reliability, success, and integrity and also stands for "Sealing the Deal" between customers and Mitsubishi.

Car Logo with Triangle

Car Logo with Triangle
 Brands Logo Meaning

Lotus-LogoBrand Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The four letters within the Lotus Logo stand for the Initials of the company's founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. The colors used in the logo also represents speed, energy, joy, and passion 

maybach-logoBrand Country of Origin: Germany

The double M sign in the Maybach Logo has its roots in Adolf Hitler's swastika sign. The Logo is said to represent the brand's goal at creating tough cars.

Car Logo with a Snake on it

   Car Logo with Snake
 Brands Logo Meaning
Alfa Romeo 

alfa-romeo-logo Brand Country of Origin: Italy

The Logo tries to depict and reflect the culture and history of Milan, the City of its origin.


Brand Country of Origin: USA

The Cobra in the Shelby logo likely depicts the gracefulness and speed of Shelby cars, as well as the dynamic and flexible nature of the brand to changes in technology and market needs

Car Logo with a Bull on it

   Car Logo with Bull
 Brands  Logo Meaning
 Lamborghini Lamborghini-Logo Brand Country of Origin: Italy The Bull in the logo signifies strength and aligns with the founder's dream of building bullish, aggressive and high-performance cars.

Car Logo with an "S" it

Car Logo with S
 Brands  Logo  Meaning


Brand Country of Origin: Sweden

The Saab Logo is reportedly gotten from the Coat of Arm of Count von Skane the area which the Auto Brand originated from.


Brand Country of Origin: Sweden 

The Griffin Head in the Scania Logo has a similar origin as that found on the Saab Logo. The Griffin symbolizes Courage, Speed, and Strength.


Brand Country of Origin: Japan 

The Scion Logo simply means the “Descendant of” the Toyota Brand. (Read also: Are you aware that the name 'Toyota' is already written on its logo? See it now!)


Brand Country of Origin: Spain 

The logo is a stylized S gotten from the company name.


Brand Country of Origin: Germany 

The symbol on the Skoda Logo expressed the brand's readiness for progress and movement into the future.

Those are some of the most popular car logos with letters, horse & wings, and the meanings behind these.  If you find this interesting, find more articles like this in our mind-blowing car facts.

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