12 popular car logos and how they once looked like in the past


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Have you ever wondered how your favorite cars once branded themselves? Think no more as we bring you 12 popular car logos and how they once looked like in the past!

Almost every business has a logo that depicts their strength, mission, vision or/and style. In the 18th and 19th century, not every car manufacturer cared about their logos, because customers simply wanted an automobile that can convey them from one place to another. But as time went by, it was obvious a lot of people bought cars based on how they look. This spurred automakers to re-brand and come up with more appealing logos and car designs.

However, have you ever wondered how your favorite car's logo once looked before they re-branded? No need to search further. Here are 12 popular car logos and how they once looked like - in alphabetical order.

1. Aston Martin

Aston Martin has had over 4 designs since they launched their logo in the early 1920s. They once had their initials, A M, merged inside a circle with black background. It later changed to the winged design with the entire company's name on it. Though it's now more simple, they say the wing shows dream, speed, freedom and ability to go beyond boundaries. The new logo is more colourful and elegant.


The evolution of Aston Martin logo in nearly 100 years

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2. Audi

Audi launched their logo over 80 years ago to represent the four companies that make up the Auto union - Audi, wanderer, DWK and Horch. It was made up of 4 ceiling rings with all 4 names. It didn't look appealing. A new logo was eventually unveiled in 2009 when the company celebrated a century of existence. That's the popular logo you see today.


Audi has changed its logo at least 5 times

3. BMW

BMW has almost retained its main logo but added slight changes in the size and colour. But the so-called spinning propeller design and Bavaria colours are still maintained - though the logo looks more modern.


BMW logos only experience slight changes

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4. Cadillac

When Cadillac was founded in 1902, it was named after the founder of the US state of Detroit and Antoine de la mothe Cadillac. The company also wanted a logo that depicts the state. It's first logo is made of ducks and a crown. The logo also had some colours to make it appear artistic. Over time, changes were done and the logo is a lot more simple now with just some of the initial colours being maintained.


The former Cadillac logo looks totally different from its current version

5. Chevrolet

Two years after Chevrolet was founded in 1911 by William Durant and Louis Chevrolet, the brand launched its logo. Durant was at a French hotel and saw a piece of art on their wall, he incorporated that into the design. But with almost every company going simple, they decided to switch the bow tie and cross look that the new logo now carries. It also contains yellow, gold and silver colours well spread therein.


Chevrolet logos then and now

6. Chrysler

In 1925 when Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler motors, he wanted a brand that can compete with Lincoln cars and Cadillac. So he sought for a logo that screams quality, elegance and strength. Therefore, two designs where made by his team of engineers. He went with the logo that contains a wax seal. Years later the company grew and took over Fargo trucks and Dodge. Chrysler was later acquired by Fiat and the wax was removed, with just the name of the brand on display.


The former Chrysler logo seems more beautiful in my opinion

7. Fiat

Fiat had used it's full name - Fabbrica Italiana Di Avtomobili Torino - as logo since it was founded in 1899 till 1901. The logo underwent a series of changes and currently uses the new logo with a chrome shield and the abbreviation - Fiat.


The former Fiat logo is rather lengthy, I think!

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8. Ford

The first Ford logo unveiled in 1903 contained the full name of the brand. This was changed slightly 6 years later. The new logo only has the company's founder's surname embedded in light blue logo.


Is there anyone who finds this Ford logo somewhat cartoon-like?

9. Honda

Honda motorcycles had "Honda motors" as its original logo since inception. It didn't change because it lost sales or anything. Besides, the company has been the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines and motorcycles for decades. They just wanted something more elegant and went with "H" alone, in their current logo.


Honda logo evolution looks like an "Odd one out" task

10. Lamborghini

Enzo Ferrari and Ferrucio Lamborghini used to be friends until one day Ferrari pissed him off. He then started his own automobile outfit. It is believed that the bull sign is as a result of how angry he was, while the company insists their founder just had an affinity for matador. The logo has pretty much remained but the colours have changed over time.


This brand can be said to be loyal to their original symbol

11. Mercedes Benz

The first Mercedes Benz logo simply featured the company's name. But as the brand garnered loyalty and good reputation for itself, it switched to the star sign. Critics at the time warned that removing the company name from the automobiles would affect sales. But with how well the German automaker has done in the last decades, it's obvious they have proved those critics wrong.


The former Mercedes Benz logo is simple

12. Volkswagen

To wrap up this edition in popular car logos and how they once looked like is Volkswagen. Their original logo had a sign that shows victory at battle. But since nobody wants to remember anything related to the Nazi, the company changed to its current logo - VW embedded in a ring.

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Full compilation of Volkswagen logos in the history

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