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Car logos are essential identity emblems of Automobiles.

Logos have maintained their relevance across different industries, representing the Crown of the work put into building the brand's identity. Long before cars came along, logos and product emblems were used as identity for the companies behind the products.

A quick look at the Auto industry suggests the Peugeot emblem is the oldest around. Still, there are numerous car logos in the industry with several histories behind them. We'll have a look at 10 of the most popular logos around and the history behind each of these, but first here is a listing of 30 most popular car logos in Nigeria and their meanings.

Top 30 Most Popular Car logos in Nigeria


logo Design

Meaning of logo



Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The logo symbol is a Caliper, a precision measurement tool which highlights the companies cars which are of exceptional quality
Alfa Romeo 


Brand Country of Origin:- Italy

The Serpent represents the House of Visconti, a symbol for the city of Rome. The logo is said to also represent the crest used by archbishop Ottone Visconti in the First Crusade.

Aston Martin

Brand Country of Origin:- England, UK

The wing in the Aston Martin logo represents Freedom, speed, freedom, as well as a desire to dream and explore.


Brand Country of Origin:- Germany

The four rings in the Audi logo represents all four members of the Auto Union, the company that gave birth to what we now call Audi.



Brand Country of Origin:- England, UK

The Wings in the logo represents speed while the B in the center of the logo stands for Bentley.


Brand Country of Origin:- Germany

The BMW logo symbol represents a spinning white propeller against a blue sky


Brand Country of Origin:- Italy

The reversed letter E and the letter B are basically the initials of the company's founder Ettore Bugatti.


Brand Country of Origin:- USA

The Cadillac crest is said to be inspired by the Coat of Arms of the founder of the city of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.


Brand Country of Origin:- USA

The Chevrolet Cross is also known as the "Bow Tie".


Brand Country of Origin:- USA

The Wings on the Chrysler logo signifies the speed of the Roman god Mercury.


Brand Country of Origin:- USA

The Silver hue on the Dodge logo signifies Sophistication, Dignity, and Grandeur while the red stripes represent passion and excitement,


Brand Country of Origin:- Italy


The Prancing Horse is an insignia used by WW1 Hero Francesco Baracca on his fighter plane, an insignia that was later given to Enzo Ferrari so that the Legacy of Francesco Baracca is preserved.


Brand Country of Origin:- Italy

The logo design is said to signify “ongoing change”.


Brand Country of Origin:- USA

The Ford logo stands for great products, a strong business, and a better world.


Brand Country of Origin:- Philippines

The Diamond on the Foton logo represents the company's commitment to technological innovation and human care.


Brand Country of Origin:- South Korea

The Wings on this logo also represents Speed.


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The "H" is taken from the name of Honda's founder Soichiro Honda and is written in the roman form.


Brand Country of Origin:- South Korea

The H sign stands for the company name Hyundai. However, it also seems to suggest two people shaking hands i.e a Hyundai representative and a satisfied customer.


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The Horizon on the Infiniti logo is described as traveling on an open road towards infinity.


Brand Country of Origin:- Nigeria

The symbol on the Innoson logo represents an Eagle's Face with the eye representing vision and the beak signifies strength.


Brand Country of Origin:- UK

The Jaguar logo features a jumping jaguar which represents Elegant and powerful cars built by the brand and also the forward-looking stance of the company.

Brand Country of Origin:- South Korea

 “Kia” is translated from two words that mean “rising out of Asia.
Land Rover


Brand Country of Origin:- UK

The oval shape of the Land Rover logo was inspired by a tin of fish while the green color represents nature and the ability of the Land Rover to move people from one place to another


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The Oval of the logo symbolizes the rounded and aerodynamic characteristics of Lexus cars. The L inside the oval stands for Lexus


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The logo signifies Mazda's "readiness to spread their wings as they enter the 21st century".

Mercedes Benz


Brand Country of Origin: Germany

The three-point star represents Mercedes-Benz's dominance on Land, air, and sea.


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The round sun in the background of the Nissan logo represents Japan which was regarded as the land of the rising sun.


Brand Country of Origin:- France

The lion represents strength, balance, and flexibility


Brand Country of Origin:- Japan

The two interior ovals represent the heart of the Toyota Corporation and the heart of the customers. The intertwining of the two perpendicular ovals indicates a union based on trust and mutual respect between Toyota and its customers.


Brand Country of Origin:- Germany

Volks translates to People while Wagen means Car from the German Language. Thus the V and W basically mean "the Peoples Car".


Brand Country of Origin:- Sweden

The Volvo logo is an ancient chemical symbol for Iron. The name Volvo is gotten from Latin word volvere, meaning to roll.

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10 most popular car logos in Nigeria and the stories behind them

1. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited, IVM, first logo INNOSON is a conjugation of the founders name Innocent and Sons shortened into INNOSON. Sometime in 2019, a young Nigerian artist proposed a new design for the company's logo which he posted on Twitter to get the attention of INNOSON's founder. 


The current logo of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing IVM

The new design sports what looks like features of an eagle's face. The nose signifies strength.

  • Remember the nose is an upright oval which looks more like the letter I representing INNOSON.
  • The Large V represents the wings that stand for the company's ability to remain tough.
  • The V also stands for  VEHICLE and finally, the eye represents the ability to see opportunities and achieve them. The eye is shaped in an M pattern representing the M in the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


New logo Proposed by Osuolale Farouq

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2. Toyota

The logo design currently utilized by Toyota is a product of an open design competition commissioned by Toyoda, as the company was then referred to. The new design was finally adopted in 1989. Though simple, the logo is very rich in meaning.


The current Toyota logo was designed in 1989

The two interior ovals in the design represent the heart of the Toyota Corporation and the heart of the customers. The intertwining of the two perpendicular ovals indicates a union based on trust and mutual respect between Toyota and its customers. On the other hand, the world of customers that appreciate, love, and accept the Toyota brand is symbolized by the larger oval.

A close look at the intertwined ovals shows that it depicts a 'T" which stands for Toyota, the vehicle, and the brand. Finally, the space between elements represents an infinite room for technological innovation, and the rich values Toyota will strive to afford her customers.

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3. Honda 

This is the only brand logo that has remained unchanged throughout its course of existence. Soichiro Honda founded the Honda Motor in 1948. 

The "H" is taken from his name and is written in the roman form and right under the H is the word Honda boldly inscribed.  The chrome or silver grey and red coloring on the logo signifies Durability, radiance, and confidence.

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Honda logo has remained unchanged since its first use


4. Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz logo has a real story behind it. German Auto powerhouses the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft DMG and Benz Cie merged 1926. Before now, Gottlieb Daimler had passed on in 1900 and his partner and friend Wilhelm Maybach would form a financial partnership with Emil Jellinek to continue the DMG dynasty.

The names Mercedes-Benz came when DMG partner Emil Jellinek had his daughter's name Mercedes crested on every DMG car. The new company logo combined elements of the previous company's taking the Three-Pointed Star from the DMG logo, as well as the laurel wreath found on the Benz Cie logo. 

The story of the three-pointed star has it that the Star was used by Gottlieb Daimler to pinpoint the location of his company in a postcard he sent to his wife. The three-pointed star represented the company's technological supremacy on land, over the sea, and in the sky.

The logo styling has continually evolved over the years with the current design leaving out the laurel wreath with just the three-pointed star in silver color.


The current Mercedes Benz logo

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5. Nissan

In Nigeria, we love the Nissan Murano, Nissan Almera, and the very popular Nissan Altima which has held its ground against Toyota Camry. Nissan owes its logo to its preceding company Datsun.

The Datsun logo was a blue colored rectangle with a red sun in the background that represented Japan which was regarded as the rising sun. The Nissan logo was officially used in every car produced by Nissan both in Japan and internationally in 1984 when the Datsun brand was finally phased out.

Its current design spots a black and white color with a silver lining for the sun in the background.


The Current Nissan logo is a modification of its predecessor company DATSUN

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6. Ford

The story has it that the Ford logo is the signature of the founder, Henry Ford. However, the truth is that the company played around with several designs until the first blue Oval design was commissioned in 1907. From then on, the Oval came to be a constant in the Ford design except for 1909 and 1912 logo design.

The blue background has also been a constant on the various logo designs except for changes observed in 1903, 1909, and a certain 1912 logo design. The current logo was commissioned in 2003 and is rather a simple Oval with an artistically written Ford in the center of the oval.


Current Ford logo was commissioned in 2003

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7. Lamborghini

The first Lamborghini logo was used in the very first Lamborghini Auto including the tractors in 1952. 

The current logo was designed in 2013 and comes with two main components, the shield and the bull with a black background while Gold Color is used on the Bull and the edges.

The Zodiac symbol of Lamborghini's founder Ferruccio Lamborghini (Taurus), a Bull, is used in the logo to show strength and to align with Ferruccio's dream of building bullish cars with aggressive performance.

Current Lamborghini logo designed in 2013

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8. Bugatti

The Bugatti logo has remained the same throughout its existence.

The logo sports and a reversed E letter and the letter B. The Letters E and B are the initials of the company's founder Ettore Bugatti who started the luxury car brand in 1909.

A prominent feature in early Bugatti cars was the use of bolts with safety wires running along, which resulted in dotted points across the engine. This feature is held as the reason why we find dotted points all over the edges of the Buggati logo s designed by Ettore Bugatti's father Carlo Bugatti.

The Oval shape of the logo represents Elegance and Technology while the Black coloring on the logo stands for Courage and Excellence. On the other hand, the white color represents Nobility and the Red color stands for passion and power.  


Volkswagen Group revived the Bugatti Brand in 1998

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9. Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce brand logo design has remained basically the same except for changes in coloring over the years. The logo has two letter R's merging with each other, signifying a healthy bond existing between both founders Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. The most recent logo keeps it simple with just the two merged R standing there.


The Rolls-Royce logo dates to as far back as 1909

Also significant is the Rolls-Royce bonnet placed mascot with roots in the 1909 figurine sculpted by Charles Skyes for Baron John Montagu. Montagu's Emblem was nicknamed the "Whisper" by Charles.

About this time, the use of Mascot on the bonnet of most cars had become a trend but Rolls-Royce cars initially lacked them which was why Montagu even had to commission Skyes to make him one for his Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

With the growing need for a befitting official emblem for the Rolls-Royce brand, Charles Skyes was again contracted this time by the Rolls-Royce people who seemed to like his work with "The Whisper", to create an emblem for their cars. Charles will again utilize Eleanor Thornton as his muse after enjoying success in the Montagu deal.

This explains why both figurines are very similar. The new emblem was nicknamed the "Spirit of Ecstasy" by Skyes and was commissioned for Rolls-Royce cars in 1911.

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10. Ferrari

The Ferrari logo has a very Italian background.

The image of the prancing horse was a personal insignia of World War 1 hero Francesco Baracca who had the prancing horse painted on the fuselage of his warplane.

After the death of Francesco in 1918, his parents, count and countess Enrico and Paulina Baracca, had Enzo Ferrari promise to use their son's prancing horse insignia on his racing cars.

Ferrari used the prancing horse crest on the cars his Scuderia racing team used. Enzo continued this tradition when in 1947 he began building his own cars that carried his name, Ferrari.


The Ferrari logo design first appeared in 1947

The logo would also spot a yellow background with the colors of the Italian flag gracing the top end of it. The current logo of the Ferrari brand is very similar to its earliest form except for a different shade of the colors.


Those above are the most popular car logos in Nigeria and their meanings. W hope you enjoy reading this article. You can find more articles like this in our news section. Check it out now!

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