A car wrapped up in artificial green grass spotted in Surulere, Lagos


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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I bet you've not seen creative customization such as this. See how this car was wrapped up in artificial green grass and how people react to it!

The beauty of customizing a car is the uniqueness that makes it stand out from other cars on the road, coupled with the attention it draws.

While some car owners may not be able to afford the expensive shiny holographic chrome used by, Arsenal frontman, Pierre-Emerick, on his LaFerrari, a Nigerian car owner has found a way to customize his Benz ride by going all green.


The car was covered with artificial green grass while cruising Surulere area, Lagos state

The car was all wrapped up in artificial green grass and it was sighted in Surulere, an urban area in Lagos State. Looking at the car, Naijauto must say it was a job well done.

 Nigerians who also saw the car were of the view that the car will be scratch-free from some reckless Danfo drivers who can't maintain their lane on the road.

Well, not only that. The car owner wouldn't have to worry about the car getting dirty or the paint fading from much exposure to the sun and needing a respray.

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This car will be scratch-free from some reckless Danfo drivers who can't maintain their lane

Will you do something similar to your own car? Let's check some opinions of people around!


See how people react to this creative design!

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