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8 most unusual car headlight designs in history

By Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Publish on June 12, 2019

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The headlamps contribute to a some certain aesthetics to the overall look of a car, which is the reason why car manufacturers year after year crack brains to come up with ideas on their headlight designs, some of which turn out unusual car headlight designs you will see below.

Car headlamps have always been important elements in car design and automotive engineering. Just because headlights function in the night does not make them any less important. The car’s headlights are the eyes of the car, because what they see, the driver sees too.

For some automakers, headlight design is inclined towards simplicity and functionality, sometimes with the same basic design year after year. Others splash a lot of creative capital on headlights design throughout the years. Be that as it may, over the years, auto designers have given the world, the good, the bad, and the utterly wacky in headlights.

Below are a compilation of 8 most unusual car headlight designs brought to you by Naijauto.com!

1. Mazda Furai

Looking at the Mazda Furai, it gives you strange vibes. The Mazda Furai is not the everyday car we see on the street as it is a race car. With the sort of headlights attached to the car, we get the notion that this car is out to win. Mazda built the Furai on a Le Mans Prototype chassis in the year 2007 but the headlights are still likely to surpass most of the headlights in recently released car models.

One thing that won't go unnoticed is the devil-may-care smile in the form of an electric spark that this car headlights forms. We guess it's part of its winning' features.


The Mazda Furai has a devious smile

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2. Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Alfa Romeo Montreal is another car with daring headlights that are just startling. You may say that its manufacturers went overboard by giving it four headlights that look like an 'angry eye.'  Of course some car enthusiasts find this quite appealing. What matters is that the lamps are performing their functions adequately while still staying unique.


The Alfa Romeo Montreal does look irritated

3. Cizeta V16T

What do you think of having your favorite next car with pop-up headlights? Cool huh? If you are still contemplating, you can check out the Cizeta V16T.

Cizeta-Moroder, the automaker of the Cizeta V16T certainly designed this car with numerous headlights. A little look back to the history: this was the only car Cizeta-Moroder produced and it has a V16 engine from which it gets its name. The car debuted in 1991 and was designed by ex-employees of Lamborghini- another reason the look appears so unique.


Is the Cizeta V16T a Lamborghini knock off with crazy eyes? 

4. Opel GT

This is another car with pop-up headlights. The two-seat sports car is a front-engine vehicle with a rear-drive that was manufactured by Opel. Its first production and design was in 1968, which lasted until 1973. Unlike the Cizeta V16T, the Opel GT headlights pop up in a circular motion.

When not in use, the headlights are probably tucked in their cell. However, there is a backup headlight under the bonnet that serves as a reserve. The pop-up feature was obviously a fad in the 1990s, however, in the next production in 2007, Opel dropped the pop-up headlights to conform with the usual headlights you might find in the 2000s. The last production of the Opel GT occured in 2010.


The Opel GT with circular, rolling pop ups

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5. 1948 Tucker Torpedo

This car had high hopes in 1947 of being the best to be manufactured in that year judging from the exotic headlights and design that it had. Unfortunately, it didn't even last another couple of years as it collapsed in 1948. Its manufacturer, the Tucker Corporation, produced merely 50 units of the car. If the 1948 Tucker Torpedo was given a chance to exhibit, it might have been one bestseller. Its idea of three headlights wasn't that bad though.


The 1948 Tucker Torpedo was quite innovative for its time

6. Dodge Charger

We have been seeing cars with shot-out and pop-up headlights, what about ones that are invisible? There is no such car, right? When we say invisible, we meant the headlights are very hideous. You have to stare at this car to understand what we mean because the only way you will know the car comes with headlights is by turning it on. As if possessive of them, its headlights are hidden or retracted. The Dodge Charger is still in production till date but it's their first production that had these once-only headlights.


The Dodge Charger: Look! No headlights!

7. Volvo S90 and XC90

Have you seen the Volvo S90 and XC90 headlights design? No, we are not talking about first generation design but the latest one, which is the second generation that started production in 2014, and continues till date. Volvo gave the S90 and XC90 models a high level of innovation by supplying it with LED lights as headlights. This is not just any LED lights; the design comes with a hammer like design that gives the cars a touch of beauty. No matter how simple this headlight maybe, it's very powerful.


The Volvo S90 and XC90 joins the LED revolution, and it makes a lot of sense

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8. Alfa Romeo Brera

We have seen the Alfa Romeo Montreal, and now the Alfa Romeo Brera. No, they aren't the same. The Alfa Romeo Brera is a sports car with a 3-door 2+2 Coupé design. We have known headlights to appear normally  bigger in size but the Alfa Romeo Brera is small and dotted and about nine in number. Not much worry about how this light tends to capture its object as they are well arranged to perform their functions.

Video: Fifth Gear: Vicki’s Love Affair With The Alfa Brera

Perhaps when you buy your next car, you will be on the look out for that extra feature that will give it pizazz.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua, or KK as friends call him, is a Filmmaker, Writer and Director. A Christian, Joshua is a product of Nigeria’s foremost film school, the National Film Institute, Jos, where he majored in Writing/Directing. Joshua began his writing career at age 18 when an older brother gave him a four page outline of a children novel. Joshua intends to keep writing and directing. His screen name is sometimes Joshua Kalu Ephraim (Writing), and sometimes Joshua KK (directing).

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