Narrow escape: Passersby rescues driver whose car got stuck over ditch


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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This Indian driver was lucky to have been rescued from his car that got stuck over a deep ditch as his car would have fallen into the deep ditch

An Indian driver landed himself in a dangerous situation which could have cost him his life. Yeah! He was reversing his car close to the edge of a drainage ditch when the car suddenly went and hanged on top of a thin pipe that crossed over the ditch. And the ditch was said to be deep.

The scene was scary and it's the true definition of living on the edge...but in his car.


The driver was reversing his car at the edge of a drainage ditch in New Dehli

Naijauto gathered that the incident happened in New Delhi, India. The video that captured the scene showed passers-by who gathered to help the young driver out of the car.

They tied a rope to him and held it, in case the shaky car falls into the ditch he wouldn’t go down with it. A man held the rope and extended his hands to him as the driver tried to get out through the window.

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Watch the video below.

Man rescued from car after reversing into a ditch and getting stuck on a drain pipe

A man had to be rescued from a car after reversing into a ditch and getting stuck. Camera footage shows how the driver needed help to escape his car after it became precariously balanced over a stream of dirty water. The unnamed driver found himself trapped in his car — and hovering over the ditch — after reversing straight into the drain gutter. The incident happened near Delhi, India on November 12.

Posted by MEAWW on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Luckily for the driver, he was able to climb out to safety. This is a lesson for him and other drivers out there never to reverse their cars close to the edge of any drainage system or even a hilly area.

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