These 5 places in Africa have few to no cars at all


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Did you know that there are some certain places in Africa where you will find few to no cars at all when you go there? Check out 5 of such places here!

The sight of cars, motorcycles, tricycles (Keke Napep), and different vehicles might be obviously normal in your everyday life as a Nigerian citizen even if you stay in some rural parts of the country. Unfortunately, such is not the case for certain parts of the Africa continent. Yes, there are quite a number of places in Africa where cars are rarely seen or not even seen at all on a daily basis. This article highlights five of such places, read on!


There are certain places in Africa that have few to no cars at all when you go there

Top 5 places in Africa that have few to no cars at all

While many people are searching for the top 5 cars that are best for surviving flood-prone areas in Nigeria and others are used to seeing some of the expensive luxury cars of Yahoo boys in Nigeria, certain parts of Africa don’t even get to see cars at all. Check out 5 of such places below;

1. Essaouira (Morocco)

This is a walled city in Morocco which was reportedly built as far back as the 17th Century. This walled city was even designated in 2001 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Wikipedia claims that while this city’s gates are wide enough to accommodate cars, a majority of its streets are actually narrow and can not be accessed with cars. Also, there is even a total ban on the use of automobiles within the city. However, Mopeds (scooter) seems to be the only common vehicle in the city while the wide streets that could accommodate cars rather allow only cart traffic, donkey, bicycles, and foot traffic.


A walled city named Essaouira in Morocco is one of the few places in Africa where you will find almost no cars at all

2. Lamu (Kenya)

Lamu is an old town in Kenya comprising of Swahili settlement with several thousand people but no exact known population figures till date. In this old town, only donkey, cycle, and foot traffic are allowed to this day in the entire Island.


You will only find cycle, foot and donkey traffic in Lamu town in Kenya

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3. Bonthe (Sierra Leone)

This is one of the densely populated coastal towns in Sierra Leone which is formerly a British colony. Bonthe has 3 major streets which are reportedly just 1-meter wide with no sight of tarmac in the entire town. Indigenes usually walk on sandy footpaths or ride motorbikes and bicycles to move about. The town is, however, served by passenger boats on a daily basis but these boats aren’t large enough to accommodate cars as well.


Bonthe Town in Sierra Leone have no single visible tarmac roads for cars

4. Tripoli (Libya)

This is an old city in Libya which is quite popularly visited by tourists from all over the world. The city consists of a national museum and many traditional shops but hardly would you see any car when you go there.


Tripoli is an old city in Libya where you will find almost no cars at all when you go there

5. Meknes (Morocco)

This is also a walled city in Morocco with very narrow streets that cannot accommodate cars. Meknes Medina was designated in 1996 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as well. Till this day, only carts, donkeys, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrian traffic can traverse the city.


You will hardly find any car around when you visit Meknes city in Morocco due to its narrow streets

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  Top 10 places where there are no cars


The above list could become longer if we were to include every known place in Africa with no cars. But for now, those are the top 5 places in Africa that have few to no cars at all.


Top 5 places in Africa that have few to no cars at all
 N/O City Country
 1  Essaouira  Morocco
 2  Lamu  Kenya
 3  Bonthe  Sierra Leone
 4  Tripoli  Libya
 5  Meknes  Morocco

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