85-year-old woman injured after her car fell off 2 stories from parking lot


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We are trying to wrap our head around the way the parking lot where this old woman's car fell off from, was constructed. Read the details about the incident here!

An 85-year-old elderly woman has sustained some injuries after her car fell off two stories from a parking lot. The incident happened on Tchernichovsky Street in Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, and Isreal.

Reports reaching Naijauto say the car was at the edge of the parking lot while the woman was trying to reverse, then it fell off and landed beside the entrance to an apartment building.

The old woman sustained some slight injury as a result of the fall, which also left her trapped inside the car.

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It took the intervention of three rescue teams sent to the scene to bring the old woman out from the car. She was moved out of harm’s way while in a sound state and taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center.

The rescue team also saw to it that the car didn't go up in flames after discovering that the gas tank got ruined and fuel was leaking.


The car, as it fell and landed beside the entrance to an apartment building

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An MDA paramedic named Fadi Dakidek said,

"When we arrived on the scene, we saw a car which had been flipped over on its side after falling some 10 meters (33 feet) down to the bottom floor of the parking lot of a residential building

There was a female driver in her 80s trapped inside the car. She was fully conscious. After rescue teams pulled her out, she said that the accident happened when she was driving in reverse in the parking lot. She suffered contusions to her face and limbs. We provided her with medical treatment and evacuated her to the hospital while her condition was moderate and stable."

Now, the question on our mind here is this: How was the parking lot designed and constructed to have incited that fall?

We are always about the safety of drivers and we hope the authorities over there do something about the parking lot to avoid a repeat incident in the future.

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