These common car features are likely to be extinct in the near future


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There are so many features you see and use today in your cars that will most likely become extinct in the near future. Check out 11 of them here now!

You don’t need Naijauto to tell you how fast the world is currently changing especially when it comes to technology and machines such as automobiles.

If you begin to observe how the vehicles, we drive today have evolved over the years with so many old features being improved or sometimes totally removed to make room for modern ones.

Just as many standard features found in older cars of the 1940s, 50s’, 60s’ and the likes are mostly missing in cars of today; we are also seeing a trend of many car features admired today that will become extinct in the near future.


Interior of 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Vs 2019 Volkswagen Beetle – can you see the differences?

Below are some of the most obvious features that will most likely become extinct in cars of the future;

1. Petrol- and Diesel-powered engines

There is hardly anyone in Nigeria today that can say he/she enjoys the heavy smokes and fumes that comes out of the exhaust of most trucks, cars and motorcycles on Nigerian roads. Similarly, a vast majority of the world are now aware and fighting against the global warming effects of using any type of internal combustion engine that uses fossil fuels.

Fortunately, the solution which is electric-powered engines is now being pushed out in mass globally with so many electric vehicles being launched monthly as of this year alone. It is becoming obvious already, that the uprising of environmentally-friendly electric cars will surely make petrol- and diesel-powered engines go extinct in the near future.

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Electric cars run on motors powered with batteries, therefore require no petrol or diesel engines

2. Regular car keys

Back in the days and even till now, you will see many Nigerians pompously flicking their car keys just to create the awareness that they own a car. Well, all that will soon end as these types of regular car keys are becoming unnecessary with the new push “Start/Stop” buttons featured in cars today.

Most of the premium modern car models especially the electric cars have now replaced the regular car key functions with other better options such as fingerprint sensors, smart cards, and even mobile Apps. So, in the near future, pompous car owners better find another way of showing off.


You can now unlock, start, and stop modern cars with smart cards, smart devices and your smartphone too

3. Side view mirrors

Yes, you read that right!

The likes of the Lexus ES model and the new Honda E model have already replaced the conventional side mirrors with digital side cameras by the standard.

Even though this feature might take more time to become widely accepted, it is already showing signs of mirrors going into extinction.


Digital side cameras featured in Lexus ES and Honda E models have been proven to be more effective than side-view mirrors

4. Cassette and CD players

Compact Disk audio and Cassette tape players are very rare to find in modern-day cars today except for the 90s car models. They are already getting replaced by standard and even manually with Bluetooth audio systems, USB players, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and more advanced infotainment system setups in modern cars. You can imagine what will finally become of these old CD and Cassette players in the years to come.


When last did you ride in a car that has a Cassette or CD player?

5. Buttons on dashboard

This feature needs no much explanation because as of today, there is hardly anyone in Nigeria using a non-touchscreen mobile phone. Similarly, modern cars are now featuring premium touchscreen displays from which one could easily control the entire system of the car with just mere touches.

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The use of buttons limits the number of possible controls compared to modern touchscreen displays

6. Traditional FM/AM radio

Does anyone still listen to traditional FM/AM radio in their modern cars?

We cannot tell if radio stations will go extinct or remain in the future but we can definitely affirm that traditional FM/AM radios are almost totally never featured in cars today. As a matter of fact, many people are unaware of the fact that they can actually listen to radio programs through their modern infotainment system with just a few touches.


Except your car model dates back to the 50s, it shouldn’t come with this type of FM/Am radio on the dash

7. Manual car window winders

If not for the cheaper prices of some old car models that feature manual car window winders, no one will want to go through such stress anymore in rolling down windows.

By the time newer cars with electric windows become relatively affordable for almost everyone, we are pretty sure that these manual car window winders will speedily go to extinction.


Manual car window winders can be serious pain in the butts to use whenever they have internal faults

8. Manual gearbox

Even though many auto enthusiasts and petrol heads love the manual gearbox, it is clearly heading towards extinction as many automakers are now dropping it with each new model they launch. It even faces more extinction threats as experts have proven over the years that the automatic transmission systems are more fuel-efficient than the manual gearbox.

In fact, there are currently various improved gearbox types such as DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox), DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission), CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and many more already replacing the traditional manual gearbox in modern cars.

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Newer automatic transmission systems have been proven to be more fuel-efficient than the old manual gearbox

9. Hand brake

Just as we have discussed in point 8 above, the good old hand brake is also already disappearing in modern cars because it actually works together with a manual gearbox in stopping a car. So, if manual gearbox systems are going extinct then, it will also follow.

The reason, why the hand brake has to go, is due to the fact that newer automatic transmission systems that come with modern cars, usually has all of its feature already integrated in them. So, it's literally becoming useless and unnecessary nowadays.

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10. Analogue/Physical gauges

The old analogue/physical gauges are gradually becoming a thing of the past as they keep getting replaced with modern digital LED displays. The main reason for this fast-growing replacement is the fact that these new LED digital displays enable automakers to show more information such as maps and navigational directions on the instrument panel together with the regular gauges.


An old analogue gauge Vs a modern digital instrument panel – choose one

11. Traditional steering wheel

At this point, you might be shocked and wanting to disagree but, the truth is; autonomous (self-driving) cars are becoming the new wave now and many automakers are already pushing for new traffic laws to support its usage.

Even though the traditional steering wheel might still be with us for a very long time, the fact that self-driving cars don’t need it makes us believe it will become obsolete with time.

Check out the video below to see how autonomous (self-driving cars) operate with no need for human interference;

  Testing The World's Smartest Autonomous Car (NOT A Tesla)

With all of these new inventions and innovative car features that are now replacing old ones, we can boldly say that the future is near. Just wait for it!

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