Car exploded as driver lit up cigarette after using air freshener


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A man accidentally blew up his car after spraying excessive air freshener and lit a cigarette immediately which cause an explosion. Check details below!

A lot of folks are oblivious to the consequences of having an aerosol can and naked flame in a confined space. What’s even worse is when the confined space turns out to be a car in traffic.

A driver in New York traffic had blown up his own car by lightning a cigarette just a few moments of spraying excess air freshener inside his car.


The driver sprayed air freshener inside his car and lit a cigarette immediately

Reports gathered by Naijauto says, the motorist didn't ventilate his car after spraying too much air freshener and had gone ahead immediately to lit a cigarette. The gas from the air freshener can was said to have ignited causing an explosion that blew up the car's windscreen and windows while bending the car doors.

Not only that, the explosion was so powerful that it also blew apart some windows of businesses closer to the scene of the explosion.

Fortunately, the driver only sustained minor injuries and was attended to by paramedics at the scene.

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The driver luckily survived the explosion

The police told local media that the blast which happened in Halifax could have worsened while advising people on the need to adhere to safety rules.

You don't need to be a driver to experience this. Learn to follow the safety warnings you see on product labels, as they do exactly what is written on the cans.

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