Important car etiquettes when boarding a car or a limousine


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Are you in tune with standard car etiquettes? If not, learn how to comport yourself accordingly so you do not embarrass yourself and your entire generation!

You are probably wondering: what has etiquette got to do with cars? Etiquettes are needed in all areas of life. Come to think of it, “good behavior” is not restricted to certain places. Wherever you find yourself, it is important that you act accordingly, and not embarrass your family and community.

Imagine “falling” your hand in the presence of everyone just because you do not know basic car etiquettes. As we say, prevention is better than cure. It is better you have the knowledge, so you can use it when the need arises, than to be ignorant. After all, people who know these things were not born that way. Everyone acquires knowledge. Naijauto is here to ensure that you are grounded as far as car etiquettes are concerned, so you can make us proud as our reader.

Below are 9 car etiquettes you need to know whenever boarding a car or even a limousine!

1. Fuel the car after borrowing it for use

You need to be somewhere. For some reason, your car is indisposed (if you have one). You ask a family member or friend of yours if you can borrow their car. In their kind nature, they oblige. You make use of the car, and return it back to them.


Visit the fuel station for a top up after borrowing someone's car

So, you returned the car in good condition, is that not enough? No, it is not. Courtesy demands that you fuel someone’s car after borrowing it for use. It does not matter if you only drove the car to your backyard. As long as you collected the keys, and moved the car, in the spirit of fairness, you should top up the fuel before returning it. The person did not fuel their car for you in the first place. Be kind of enough to not exhaust their fuel.

2. Let the VIP take the front passenger’s seat

If you are with a group of people who are heading out, do not be quick to take the front seat even if the car belongs to your best friend. Do a quick check in your head. Is there a VIP in the group? If there is, gently move to the back seat, and let the VIP take the front seat.

VIPs offer lots of benefits. You need to treat them with utmost respect, so as to be in their good graces. Disrespecting them by rushing for the front seat could cost you something.

3. Reserve the front passenger’s seat for people older than you

Again, do not be in a hurry to jump into the front passenger’s seat when people who are older than you are also taking a ride in the car. One might wonder why so much importance is given to the front seat, but it is what it is. Quietly find your way to the back, so you do not come across as one who does not have respect for elders.

4. All kids use the back seat

Kids are not supposed to be seated in the front seat for safety reasons. They should be comfortably seated in the back. Although some kids love taking the front seat, do not allow them. Bundle them and throw them behind. If they do not like the back seat, they can go to the boot.

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Even when your child disagrees, he or she must stick to the back seat!

5. Pregnant women use the rear seat

If you are visibly pregnant, you should not be hustling for the front seat, even if the car belongs to your husband. Anyone seated in the front is required to fasten their seat belt. With your bulging stomach, it will be uncomfortable for you to use the seat belt. The man is your husband already, you do not have to prove anything by seating beside him through the ride. Balance in the back seat like the madam that you are.

6. Do not sit in the rear seat when only you and someone you know driving

Unless the person driving is actually your driver, it is rude to sit in the rear seat when you are just two in the car. Imagine your friend or someone you know giving you a ride in their car, and you balance in the rear seat. If they do not ask you to come to the front, that could be the very last time you will step a foot in their car.

7. Hold the door open for a lady when picking her up

If you are a man, and you were asked to pick up a lady in a chauffeur-driven car, hold the door open for her to get in. If she is quick to open the door herself, do not pull her hand; just assist her by pulling the door.

8. Couples should sit together

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Couples are meant to always sit together in the car, unless the woman is heavily pregnant when the husband is driving. Otherwise, they should be inseparable. If there is only space for one person in the front, both of you should use the back seat.


You should never separate their happiness. Let couples sit next to each other!

9. Do not fart in a car with other passengers

Whatever you do, ensure that you do not fart in the car when there are other passengers. Somehow, you will be figured out, and it will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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Chris Odogwu

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