CCTV captures a ₦442m car crash when Audi smashed Porsche, Bentley and other supercars


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Check out a CCTV video showing the moment when an Audi smashed into 11 exotic supercars including Porsche, McLaren, and Bentley in a ₦442m Crash. See it here!

Are you a fan of street racing?

Naijauto found a video circulating the internet which is actually a CCTV recording that reveals a terrifying moment when a young boy (racer) literally wiped out eleven different luxury supercars that include two Audi Q7, a Porsche 911, an ₦88.4 million Bentley Bentayga, ₦44.2 million Porsche Cayenne, ₦132.5 million McLaren and yet another Porsche car.

The boy racer was driving an Audi Q7 SUV while trying to catch up with a leading opponent riding a Porsche just before he lost control and crashed into 11 expensive parked supercars right in the middle of Moore Street in Chelsea, London.

Watch the video below;

 High-speed crash wrecks several luxury cars in Chelsea 

The total damages caused by the boy racer was estimated to worth ₦221 million to about 11 supercars that worth ₦442m while completely destroying 3 of them totally.

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When interviewing homeowners on the street, a female resident said;

“I really thought there had been some sort of explosion, like a helicopter coming down”.

“The driver got out. There was blood coming from his head and he started to say he was being chased. Having seen some CCTV we now know that was a lie”

Also, when a particular affluent resident who owns the destroyed Bentley Bentayga SUV, Porsche Cayenne and blue McLaren was interviewed, he surprisingly said;

“We feel lucky [not to have been hurt]”

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