How car brands have changed over the last decade


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In light of the recent trend: the10-year challenge, which is all over social media network, we thought you might be interested in the change of car brands as well!

If you are a frequent visitor on social media networks, you'd know about the current trend swamping the media, the #10yearchallenge. The rule here is very simple: you put a picture of you 10 years ago and a current one next to each other on the same frame. The intention of the game is to see how radical one has changed over the course of one decade.

Realizing the marketing prospect of this trend, car brands were quick to get into the game. The first to kickstart the campaign was the German brand, Mercedez Benz. A picture of an E-class model from different time frames was posted on Instagram, followed are numerous other brands which has gathered here for your own convenience:


The E-Class has surely improved a lot through the period of 10 years

Other brands of course cannot afford to miss out on such a viral trend. Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet are not slow to jump on the bandwagon:

1. Hyundai Santro

Hyundai is among the first brand to go with the flow. Let's take a look at this Hyundai Santro in 2009 and now. The South Korean brand has clearly gone long steps in the designing style, shown in its revised front grille and headlights.

We can see noticeable change in the front grill of the Hyunday Santro

2. Volkswagen

Needless to say, when think about cars, Nigerian will immediately think of Volkswagen. The brand has long been in memories of many generations in this country, and now let's see how it changes after a decade!


The front face of the car was totally restored with new grill, lights and bumper

3. Chevrolet and Toyota

The next brands to come are Chevrolet and Toyota. Both of brands enjoy remarkable adjustments for better styling and performance. Take a look and evaluate whether you would love to ride the classic or modern versions!


Those two models from Chevrolet and Toyota look significantly sharper and more masculine

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