Car catches fire after child stuffed money into CD player


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A child has caused a car to catch fire after playfully shoving money into its CD player.

A child in the UK has reportedly set a car on fire after playfully stuffing money into the vehicle's CD player.


The child stuffed some money into the CD player and the car caught fire

A call was made to emergency services and firefighters had to quickly come down to the scene to put the fire out.

Information gathered by Naijauto says the young child was one of the passengers conveyed in the vehicle which was plying Barrowby Road, Grantham on Monday when the incident happened.

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The Fire and Rescue services were immediately called to put out the fire

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue official on the incident:

Fire damage to CD player inside the car.

The crew removed CD player from the vehicle to open air.

The fire was caused by a child placing money inside the CD player.

Fortunate enough, no one was hurt as a result of the fire.

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