Car buyer slams a new Kia minivan into wall few seconds after delivery


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Check out a new video that captures the moment when a car buyer slams his new minivan into a wall just a few seconds after taking delivery of the vehicle. Read more.

If it wasn’t captured on camera, you may never believe it. We found a new video going viral online which captures the shocking moment when a car buyer literally slams his new Kia Carnival minivan directly into a wall in less than 20 seconds after taking delivery. This means that the car owner will begin spending money on repairs almost from the very first day he laid his hand on his new car. Quite sad, isn’t it?


Owner of a new Kia Carnival minivan slams it into a wall just a few seconds after taking delivery

Earlier this week, an excited driver crashed a new Volkswagen Polo car seconds after taking delivery in India and we published a post about believing that it’s a rare incident. Unfortunately, another Indian car buyer has proved us wrong by repeating just the exact mistake recently. Yes, it was just totally embarrassing to see different people making a similar mistake that not only cost them money but also robs them of the joy that comes with owning a new car. You don’t want to imagine crashing a new car you just took its delivery a few seconds ago.

Check out the viral video of this new incident below;

  ACCIDENT !! Delivery of Kia Carnival Gone WRONG!! | Airbags triggered at the right time?? Sad Moment

Towards the end of the video, a “better” driver could be seen driving away the crashed Kia Carnival/Sedona minivan from the dealership; which obviously looks like the vehicle is heading straight to an auto repair shop.

So, what’s the moral of the whole story?

Well, it’s pretty simple; resist the temptation of wanting to drive your new car upon taking delivery. Just give yourself enough time to calm down, let your adrenaline rush minimize, and let your emotions gradually return to a moderate level before attempting to drive your new car. Take our advice or throw it away – we will always give them out anyways for your own good.

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