Tester unleashes an AK-47 assault riffle while automaker's CEO sits inside


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Texas Armoring Corporation CEO used himself to test the durability of their bulletproof vehicle against bullets as he sat through gunshots. Check out the video!

Ever wondered what it feels like to sit in a car that’s being shot at with an AK-47 rifle? You should ask Trent Kimball - the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC).

The brave CEO and complete faith in his products

With so much faith and confidence in the quality of the armoring vehicles manufactured by his company, Kimball used himself as a “lab rat” to test if the car could actually resist gunshots. He sat right in the driver’s seat as several gunshots from an AK-47 rifle were shot at him.

The shooting was done by someone fronting as a marksman. He went on to release 12 shots directly at the car’s bulletproof windscreen.

Here’s the uncut recording of the event!

When the shooting ended, the CEO who came out without a scratch said: “Life is valuable. Protect it.”

Indeed, Life’s valuable. Anyone could be attacked by assassins at any point. In just six seconds, they are done with their mission. But when you are driving a bullet-proofed car like this one, you get the chance to act very fast before their bullets would get to you. If you are fast enough, you could find your way out of the situation, and get help.


Trent is truly a dedicated CEO; he's often seen working on his products

About Texas Armoring Corporation

Texas Armoring Corporation is in the business of designing, producing and supplying armored and bulletproof cars across the United States and other countries. These vehicles include trucks, sedans, armored ballistic steel products, armored bank bullion vans, and SUVs among others.

Cars produced by the company are for the protection of public figures such as presidents, governors, businessmen, celebrities, VIPs and any one who needs vehicle protection.


Texas armored cars are ordered by global politicians and VIPs

With this experiment by the CEO, people who need the armored and bulletproof vehicles produced by the company are assured of being protected in the event of a bullet attack.

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Chris Odogwu
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