5 worst places no one should ever have a car break down in Nigeria


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Whether you are a visitor or a typical Nigerian, these are the 5 worst places where you should avoid ever having a car break down in Nigeria. See them here now!

Naijauto.com is in no way claiming that Nigerian is an unsafe place nor are we trying to paint our dear country Nigeria bad by any means with this article. We are only putting out this piece as a means of informing every driver both local and international (visitors) of some places to pay attention to and avoid having a car break down in Nigeria. There is hardly any nation in the world without such places though!

Truly, we all know that no one would ever wish to have a car breakdown anywhere. But even with all of our modern automobile technologies, no one can stand to confirm that there is any car that can never break down. Isn’t that just weird?

It’s a thing for a car to break down, it’s another thing where (the location) the car broke down in. If one isn’t lucky or careful enough, a car breakdown might occur to anyone in a place that we wouldn’t wish for our worst enemies to have one.

When we refer to the word “Worst” in the title of this post these were the criteria we used for judging the locations we picked;

  • Safety generally in such a location
  • Ease of getting help in the location
  • The rate at which the roads in the location are deserted
  • The convenience of handling a car break down in such a location

5 worst places that you do not want to have a car break down in Nigeria

Below are the 5 worst places no one should ever have a car break down in Nigeria;

1. Milliken Hill at Enugu

This hill is located in a village called “Ngwo” which lies on the outskirt of the city of Enugu. The hill is at an approximate 100m above sea level with deep gullies that bounds the hill itself. The roads along this area are really meandering to drive so, any driver commuting via this route has to slow down and drive carefully to avoid a car break down.


You may see this often when travelling on Milliken Hill at Enugu

The road is not only small, but one would hardly get help around and the scenery can become really scary as there are no lights at night for anyone in such a situation at such a place. Some locals even believe you might bump into some of the village deities at night Lol.

An abandoned crashed vehicle on the Milliken Hill at Enugu City, Nigeria

2. On the Benin – Lagos expressway

There is no other reason to fear this road than the persistence of reported armed robbery cases being recorded to have occurred on this very road.


Armed robbers on highway in Nigeria are most active in Benin-Lagos route

Don’t be surprised to see cars speeding at highest speeds on this road. It’s the bad records and no one wished to ever have a car break down on the Benin – Lagos expressway because it is like a territory of “hungry lions, criminals and evil doers”.

3. On Enugu – Onitsha Road

This is one totally different scenario as this road is not about armed robbers, criminals, evildoers or the likes but rather it's about it being a “pain in the a*s” because of its horrible condition, especially during the rainy seasons.


Good luck if you have a car break down on this Enugu – Onitsha road!

It's still better to experience a car break down on this road during the dry season than when it has started to rain.

4. On a bridge in Nigeria

Most Nigerian bridges are not broad enough, therefore, having a car break down on one will be simply exposing you and your vehicle to the danger of a road accident from any reckless driver.

It’s better to stay at some distance away from your car while you try calling for help by voice or through your mobile phone.

5. In a typical Nigerian traffic congestion/ jam

A car breakdown in a typical Nigerian traffic jam like in Lagos is simply a nightmare. Not only will other drivers rain curses on your head instead of helping you out, but they will also never give chance on time for you to get (push) your car to a safe spot. If you ever experience this, just block out all the noises, shouts, curses, and keep looking till you see a better spot where you can drag or push your car to and get a mechanic to check it for you.


You definitely don't want your car to break down here!


This is Nigeria, and you all know that it is impossible to mention exactly all the worst places in just one post. This is just to give a general overview of some places that might be similar which should be avoided or one should drive with serious caution in this country.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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