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Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Different car brands over the years have come to symbolize certain qualities. Find out what qualities that favorite brand stands for below!

Do you know that your favorite car brands are known for some qualities or characteristics? You may not be aware of this but some brands of cars are identified to one distinct quality or the other, and it is not always complimentary.

For instance, some car lovers have termed Nissan as being “boring” or “not interesting”. This doesn't make such stereotyping accurate or right but let's just say it's how ‘some people’ perceive it.

The point to all this is the realization that everyone sees stuff differently all the time. So, these are popular ways some car brands are looked at today:

1. Lexus - No comment on reliability

This is a brand of car which was launched by Toyota. It is one of the fastest growing car brands globally. For those who love this car, it is known for being extremely reliable, with classic external and internal designs and quality. Some people compare it to BMW.


A Lexus car is a formidable competitor of BMW product

2. Mercedes Benz - For the rich kid!

Named after the builder of the first car produced in the world, Karl Benz, and made by Daimler Benz. It is known for its luxurious look, performance, safety, and is regarded as a rich man's car. Probably, this is the reason why this car is loved by many affluent people.


A posh Mercedes Benz tells you a lot about its owner!

3. Honda - Safe & economical

Economical and safe. This car has a lot of resemblance to the Toyota sport version. To many, it may not have that classic look when compared to other brand of cars, but when it comes to safety and going economical,  Honda has it.


A Honda is a great car for practical use in Nigeria

4. Volkswagen - People's car

Volkswagen in Germany used to be identified as the people's car. To some, this car is quite reliable and economical in the sense that its motor parts can easily be found and it can be repaired in any mechanical workshop. It is traditionally called a car for the masses. In recent times though Volkswagen has manufactured high end cars like Porsche and Audi making the old label a little unrealistic now.


Volkswagen makes small, economical cars like the polo or new beetle

5. Volvo - Keep you safe at top speed

Known for its safety even at top speed, Volvo is loved by those prioriting their own well-being. And also another good thing about this car brand is that its parts can easily be found when needed for repairs.


Volvo is elegant and well known for utmost concern of safety

6. BMW - The sporty chick

This car always get a second stare whenever it passes or is parked. This is because this car brand is known for its fancy and sporty look, as well as exuding class.


BMW shows you've got class

So, there you have it. Let's hear from you. What is your favorite car brand and what is it known for?

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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