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More accidents happen during Christmas seasons than any other time. You should see these car accidents nobody thought would happen on Christmas day but actually happened. Read on!

A lot of people go through Christmas highly excited and sometimes get drunk. Most people tend to drink more during Christmas but in the end what matters is for everyone to remain safe. Even on Christmas day, people end up having accidents. Weird you might think? Yes.

In this article brought in the spirit of Christmas by, we are going to show you stupid car accidents that often happen on Christmas day.

Whatever the case, you should remember that Christmas even though entails so much fun, a lot of bad things are also prone to happen. Some of the bad things that have mostly occurred during Christmas seasons in Nigeria include accidents, robberies and kidnappings.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on only car accidents that have occurred during Christmas. Read on to see everything.

Stupid car accidents during Christmas

Most Christmas period car accidents in Nigeria happen as a result of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Rush drivings
  • Bad roads etc

Some car accidents that have occurred during Christmas include:

1. Christmas day drag racing kills OAU student

An aspiring fast & furious star passed away in the most horrendous manner on Christmas day of 2017. According to eye witness account, this OAU student identified as Daniel was spotted drag racing with a friend at midnight on Christmas day and suddenly he crashed his BMW into a footbridge.

This is the result of the crash below:


Christmas day drag racing results in accident

Further findings revealed that the 21-year-old was a member of a racing team before his death.


21-year-old Daniel was a member of a racing team before his death

The twitter user who shared his story wrote:

"At exactly 12:50am today (Christmas Day) my Uni alumni pals & I were coming out of Lekki County Estate when two cars flashed by us, the sound they made you’d think they’re power bikes. 3minutes later 1 lost control & crashed right under the footbridge. Here’s what’s left of a BMW

Sadly he eventually didn’t make it. Tragic. It’s his parents I’m aching for."

2. Hit and run driver kills OOU final year student

Amongst the top car accidents nobody thought would happen on Christmas day is the death of an OOU final year student who died on Christmas day of 2018.

According to reports, Boluwatife Oyeleye was killed by a hit and run driver as she tried to cross the Lekki-Ajah expressway of Lagos.


Boluwatife Oyeleye was killed by a hit and run driver as she tried to cross the road

An eye witness account revealed that Boluwatife had her earpiece plugged on as she made to cross the road without using the pedestrian bridge.

It was also revealed that the final year student gave up the ghost before help could come her way. May her soul rest in peace.

3. Woman and daughter lose their lives in Christmas day crash

In faraway Australia, a man was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for drunk driving that killed a woman and her 18-year-old daughter, Makayla Tritton.

Eye witness accounts recount that the drunk driver, Mark Veneris was spotted driving erratically up to 100km/h in a 70km/h zone. At some point, the drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree before colliding head-on with the Trittons’ car.

Below is the photo from the scene of the accident:


Drunk driver kills mother and daughter on Christmas day

The victims of the accident and the rest of the family including father and sister had been on their way to a family lunch on Christmas day of 2017 before the accident.

Makayla died on the spot of the accident while her mother, Karin died at the hospital the next day.

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4. Man dies in Christmas day accident hours after his wedding

A man identified as Auwal lost his life in the most unexpected way on Christmas day. What actually happened? Auwal Sani and his friend Usman Mani were on their way back from Auwal’s wedding which held on the 24th of December when they got into an accident and both died. May their souls rest in peace.


Auwal Sani and his friend Usman Mani died on their way back from Auwal's wedding

A friend of the deceased who shared news of the accident had written:


5. Road accidents claim three lives in Asaba including children

It was a real Christmas day tragedy in Asaba, Delta state on Christmas day of 2015 when three persons lost their lives in an auto crash. According to reports, the accident involved a Toyota Highlander and left two children and their mother dead, with six others seriously injured.

Our findings revealed that the accident occurred at the portion of Asaba road that linked Asaba airport which was notorious for accidents with many lives lost in the past.


Woman and children left dead on Christmas day

6. Ogun Christmas day multiple crash

It was a Christmas day of multiple crashes in Ogun State in December of 2018. The Federal Road Safety Commission revealed that the first crash to occur involved a Toyota Sienna and a Bedford truck which crashed into each other along the Benin-Ore express way. Two persons were left dead while three others sustained serious injuries.


FRSC at scene of accident

In a separate incident, one unidentified man was also left dead when two Bajaj motorcycles crashed into each other around 7:20 pm on Christmas day of 2018.

As though that was not enough, a Toyota Hiace bus and a Castar pickup truck also crashed into each other along the Abeokuta-Sagamu road around 10:25 am on the same day leaving 16 persons.

Following the incidents, FRSC Public Education Officer, Route Commander Florence Okpe enjoined all travelers to always observe and obey traffic laws when traveling through the country especially during festive periods.

7. Niger-Delta Christmas day boat mishap

On Christmas day of 2013, 12 persons were reported dead following a fatal boat mishap in Bayelsa State. gathered that the passenger speed boat was loaded full with people heading for the Otuabula beach to celebrate the Christmas day when they collided with a wooden cargo boat resulting in a fatal crash.


Boat mishap on Christmas day kills 12

Our sources revealed that the victims of the accident include a lecturer and 4 undergraduate students of the Niger Delta University.

Residents of the area blamed such accidents on the lack of adequate lighting equipment by speed boat operators. The accidnet had occured in the night. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

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8. Abroad-based Nigerian dies in Christmas accident four days after arrival

A Europe-based man reportedly died in a motor accident along Lagos-Asaba expressway four days after his arrival to the country.

The young man who landed in Lagos was driving to his home town to celebrate the Christmas holiday with his folks when his SUV crashed into the back of a container truck.

A friend of the deceased who shared the news of his demise wrote:

This guy death pain me ooo, you just come back from Europe 4 days ago come die for Agbor hmmm how I wish you know you for stay where you dey.

See photos of the deceased and that of the crash below:


Europe-based Nigerian involved in the accident on his way home on Christmas day

9. Family of four dies in Christmas Eve crash but their chicken survived

This is about the most painful Christmas accident you will read. A family of four including father, mother and two children lost their lives in a Christmas Eve auto crash along the Iwo-Ibadan express way in December of 2015.

According to reports, the family was crushed to death by a truck loaded full with bags of rice. An eye witness who witnessed the accident said the Bankoles including their two children Sharon and Shama was crushed to death by the truck whose driver veered off the road in a bid to avoid running into a queue of vehicles at a police checkpoint but instead ran into the Bankoles who were coming from the opposite direction.


A family of four including father, mother and two children lost their lives in a Christmas Eve auto crash

A lady who was reportedly given a lift by the family survived the crash but with her hands ripped off while being pulled out. The eye witness who recounted the crash added that some chicken which were being transported in the boot of the Bankole’s car also survived the crash without a scratch.

10. Regina Daniels survives Christmas Eve crash

On Christmas day eve of 2018, popular Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels was involved in an auto crash.

Although there wasn’t much detail about what led to the accident but our sources reveal that she had been driving around town in Asaba in the company of her brother, Sammy Wash when they got involved in the accident.


On Christmas day eve of 2018, Regina Daniels was involved in an auto crash alongside her brother

Thankfully, the actress survived and took to her Instagram page to appreciate her friends and loved ones for showing concern.

We’ve coming to the end of this article highlighting car accidents nobody thought would happen on Christmas day. We enjoin everyone to be safe and drive safe this Christmas and remember not to drink and drive or speed excessively.

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