Here are 9 Businesses you can do in Nigeria with your car


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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From school runs and deliveries to car-hailing and car rental, each venture with the car is capable of bringing you enough profit. To enable you to make an informed decision, here's a list of 9 businesses you can do in Nigeria with your car.

People buy cars for so many reasons. But if you initially purchased yours for personal use and decide to go commercial, there are actually a lot of businesses you can delve into with your car.

From school runs and deliveries, to car hailing and car rental, each venture is capable of bringing you enough profit. The monies gotten can be used in maintenance of the car, and other personal needs.


Using your car for business is a smart move

To enable you make an informed decision, here's a list of 9 businesses you can do in Nigeria with your car.

1. School Run

Parents live busy lives and always want someone they can trust to pick and drop their kids in school.

If you're one of those trusted people in your neighborhood, you can be contracted. Simply print small notes with necessary information and hand to families around you.

Explain to them how you intend to save them time and money by carrying out their school runs for them. Discuss the pay and have them see your vehicle, then you're good to go. Good thing is, if your car is a 6 seater and 3 families of twos contract you, bingo!

2. Uber or Taxify

In Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Benin, car hailing services are rampant.

You can sign up to the popular ones - Taxify and Uber. The registration process isn't hectic. Just ensure you have data always and your car is in good condition.

With every drop, you can make a couple thousands of naira. This is entirely different from just driving around town and hoping to pick up passengers along the way. People rarely enter taxis that aren't painted the state's official taxi colours (for security reasons).


Have a car? Turn it into a money machine!

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3. Car rental

Car rental isn't much of a thing yet in Nigeria but it doesn't take much to start within your circle of acquaintances. There are people who would want to attend an event with a good car.

You can offer yours and collect a token. They buy fuel and hire the car for a few hours or some days. You can also make extra deposits for when they bring it back in a bad condition - you won't use your money in fixing it.

4. Delivery

A lot of vendors always seek delivery vans. This is where your car comes into play.

You can start a private delivery service, where you help business owners take goods to their clients or transport cargo for people moving houses. Some cars come with foldable or removable seats, making it easy to contain more cargo.

5. YouTube Influencing

You can make videos about your car or with your car. They could be maintenance videos, how-to videos, fun fact videos amongst others. Car lovers who wish to learn a thing or two about your car brand/ model will definitely click and share.

You can use this chance to also advertise for automobile businesses who would want to take advantage of your social media following. The more videos you post on YouTube, the better chance brands contract you to review their products.

6. Tours and sightseeing

If you live in an area that a tourist destination, you can be a tour guide and chauffeur for tourists. When people visit places like Abuja, Calabar, Enugu, or Ibadan, they want locals who can show them around.

With your car, you're not just driving them around but showing them. You can make a chunk of money from that as well.

7. Selling from the boot of your car

This method of selling wares has been around for a really long time. Instead of renting a store in front of the bank, university, or market, you can simply drive your there and display your wares in your open boot.

Wares could range from clothes, shoes, and bags to phones and other electronics.

8. Transporting people during emergencies

You can make your car an emergency vehicle. Everyone already knows how bad Nigeria's ambulance services are. Being a private "ambulance" will bring you enough money to maintain your car.

See it this way, your neighbor's child has a seizure at night or his wife's water breaks, who do they call? You! The grannies living down the road are late for the doctor appointment and their driver isn't available, who do they call? You!

9. You can teach people how to drive

You don't need any special permission to teach someone how to drive in Nigeria. You can use your car for that and collect a token.

Whether your car uses automatic transmission or manual, you'll definitely find someone willing to learn with it. Simply go to a car accessories shop and buy the "L" sign.

Find a field or a part of town where there isn't much activity; and you're ready. Also, ensure you fully understand the road laws and signs. You can't teach what you don't know.

The above are the 9 Businesses you can do in Nigeria with your car, we hope this content is helpful for you and if it is. Don't forget to stay tuned with us for the latest car tips and advice!

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