Bus passenger insists paying his fare by bank transfer


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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He is so mad about not being able to pay his fare cashless! Watch the video!

Can you call this frustration or a way of pranking the driver? Looks like other passengers and the driver himself were not happy with this strange passenger who wanted to use bank transfer to pay for a transport fare.


The attempt by the Nigerian man to use bank transfer for the bus fare looked so ridiculous to both other passengers and driver of the bus

From the report reaching us on Naijauto, a man recently informed the driver of the commercial bus, of his intention to use bank transfer in paying for his fare recently in Lagos. This shocking development infuriated the driver, who stopped the bus. What looked like awkward situation also didn’t go down well with other occupants of the bus as they started showing their discontent since this would delay them and affect their plans for the day.


It appears the so called 'cashless policy' might not be welcomed in some parts of the country just yet

Moment Passenger Insists On Paying Bus Driver By Mobile Transfer In Lagos

The man, seeing the way the driver approached him, decided to let sleeping dog lie and eventually paid his bus fare using cash on him.

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