[Photo gallery] Coolest and most insanely creative bus-painted adverts from around the world


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Love automobile arts? Forget all the beautiful bus-painted adverts you have ever seen; these ones are just insanely creative and unbelievable. See them here!

Every once in a while, Naijauto shares purely auto-related “fun stuff” that can really make your day. Yes, we do!

Not too long ago, we stumbled upon some astonishing photos of insanely creative bus-painted adverts and we have decided to share them with you guys in this post.

As many of you might already know that billboards are usually fixed in one specific location at a time, whereas buses, on the other hand, move around a lot on a daily basis which makes them really effective for painted adverts in some cases.

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Forget these mundane adverts on Nigerian buses, see the world level below!

Anyone that uses mass transit buses in Lagos – especially the BRT buses – will be quite familiar with these bus-painted advertisements as it is becoming really popular now all over the state.

But what if we told you that some other parts of the world have taken these adverts to a whole new level of creativity entirely, different from the ones you might have seen before?

Check out these images below and feel free to zoom in, or stare for a long time because some of them will blow your mind;


What a scary way to advertise a Zoo, isn’t it?


A creative way of advertising a forest reserve


If you are the “Street” type, you will definitely love this

Nobody died Okay! It's just a clear warning but a creative one to be honest


It’s not a “Transparent” or “Open-sided” bus, it’s creativity!


Let’s replace the digital camera lens with a car tire 😊

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If you sell “AA” batteries and toys, here’s an advert idea for you


Call the Waste management guys and let them "dispose of" things for you properly


Look closely, It’s just one bus and not two


Do you run a dating website or match-making service? This is a good advert idea


Having trouble getting an “Erection”? Viagra is here and this is what it does

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We are also trying to figure out how this was created


She’s looking at you. Yes, you!


Oh No! That butt is too delicate and deserves special care


Human trafficking is illegal! You know the number to call now, don’t you?


Roland sells that accordion you have been planning to buy


Smoke from a Bus’s exhaust VS one from a Smoker’s lungs, any difference?

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Ride her all day for just £3 (₦1,380). No, we mean the bus!


Come to the Zoo before the Zoo comes to you, Lmao!

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Oluwaseun Solomon

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