Zero casualty as passengers escape burning bus on Oshodi-Apapa expressway


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Wow! A miracle on Oshodi-Apapa expressway as an undisclosed number of passengers and a driver flee a bus inferno unharmed. Join the celebration as you read.

On Wednesday 17th of April, commuters on a bus were miraculously all able to get away unharmed after the commercial vehicle erupted in flames and turned into a raging inferno. This took place in the evening, between Toyota and Five Star bus stops on Oshodi-Apapa expressway.


The Oshodi-Apapa Expressway is an important artery road

Eye witness state that the commercial bus was loaded with passengers and about to depart when the engine spontaneously combusted. The driver and the passengers then quickly fled the bus. It was especially gratifying there was not a single casualty as a result of the conflagration.

The distressed bus had been burning for more than 50 minutes before the authority came to respond though the fire service station was only a few meters away. This led to outspoken speculations by many passersby who wondered at the delay at such a critical time that their services were urgently required.


The bus completely engulfed in flames, the calamity could have been lessened by prompt action

However, in the absence of the fire service, the policemen were seen at the location where the event took place. They were seen making efforts to prevent the spread of flames and an escalation of the occurrence. Not surprisingly, the bus fire outburst caused serious traffic snarls up at the location. Many drivers expressed fears about passing by the burning vehicle due to the presence of fuel in their vehicles.

There is no certain knowledge of the number of passengers the bus was carrying, as well as the exact cause of the car engine’s flames. Witnesses also voiced the opinion that the effects of the fire would not have been as far reaching if the driver had attacked it at the outset with a fire extinguisher.

Finally, the men of the fire service were spotted trying to put out the fire. This was after more than an hour of the car burning.

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