See a ₦74millon bulletproof Audi RS7 withstands multiple gunshots during safety test!


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The ₦74millon bulletproof Audi RS7 praised as the World’s fastest armoured car took multiple gunshots in a recent test to prove its safety. Check it out here!

A few months ago, we presented to you guys a tuned bulletproof Audi RS7 that became popular as the world’s fastest armoured car with 202mph. Well, Naijauto is back again with fresh updates from a recent safety test involving multiple gunshots being fired at this same bulletproof car.


Meet the beautiful AddAmor modified ₦74millon bulletproof Audi RS7 with 202mph top speed

AddArmor is a U.S-based vehicle Armoring company that tuned the Audi RS7 to become a complete “Fortress on fast wheels” and branded it as “AddAmor APR RS 7” which now worth a whopping ₦74millon.

The armouring company recently decided to allow this superfast armoured car to be put to a different test that showcased its various safety and security features like the pepper spray dispensers, shock handles, drone frequency jammer, and onboard smokescreen. It even allowed the car to be driven through the high-temperature fire to also showcase its fire resistance abilities and strength.


The bulletproof AddArmor Audi RS 7 and world’s fastest car will drive through any type of fire like its nothing

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Giving a comment on this recent test, Peter Blaber – a former Commander of the Special Forces Mission Unit and current CEO of AddArmor said;

“The idea behind adding armour is to create a mobile saferoom that protects its passengers from any type of attack and provides peace of mind that cannot be achieved in an unarmored vehicle,”

“We wanted to show that our armour is so light that we can get this car up to nearly 200 miles per hour. Our lightweight armour is a big differentiator from a lot of our competitors using steel,”

AddArmor also fired 4 rounds of bullets from a 9-mm handgun directly at the glass window of the armoured Audi RS 7’s drive side to proof its bullet resistance ability. The armoured car is really “unshakeable” as it shines through all of the tests with its fitted B4-level European armouring setup. And it also tops it up by featuring Pirelli P Zero high-performance Run-flat car tires that can drive as far as 30miles after being shot multiple times with a high-powered rifle.


The ₦74millon AddArmor Audi RS 7 is equipped with bulletproof glasses that can withstand gunshots up close

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One Texas-based car tuning company called TAC (Texas Armouring Corporation) also performed a similar safety/security test for its new armoured Mercedes Benz SUV but with a different twist to the story. The CEO of the company confidently sat at the driver’s seat of the armoured Mercedes Benz SUV as a marksman unleashes 12 shots from an AK-47 high-level assault riffle on the windscreen of the car. See the video of this demonstration below;

  Bulletproof Car Company CEO Takes Shots From AK 47 To Prove Security

Would ever dare to try this type of volunteer gunshot test if you were the CEO?

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