Emerging Nollywood actress Bukky Olatunji makes acquisition of a Ford Edge


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Wait no more to check the new vehicle of Bukky Olatunji, stunning rose of Nollywood.

Just a few days before Christmas, the emerging actress Bukky Olatunji bought herself a brand new Ford SUV. Here Naijauto.com captures its images for you.


Bukky Arugba – the sweetheart of Nigerian silver screen

Bukky has appeared in some Nollywood projects but a big break just came to her after the excellent performance in the film ‘Arugba’, produced by legendary director Tunde Kelani. The 95-minute film that was in the Yoruba language was released in 2008 on a budget of 22 million naira was also the winner of the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2019, which might be the premise for her prosperous career, allowing her to lead an enjoyable life. Since then, she’s named Bukky Arugba by her fans and remains stellar on the Nigerian silver screen.

The Nollywood actress was born in December 1988 and the Ford SUV was the birthday gift she gave herself.

Happily sharing this news on her Instagram page, she captioned:

What the lord has done for me I can’t not tell it all 🙏🏾Birthday gift came in earlier few days to my birthday #26 of dec #lets the countdown begin .6 more days to go ,alliamudulliah 🙏🙏🙏❤️

Source: Instagram account @olatunjibukky

Her post soon attracted more than a thousand like and lots of compliments.


Fans flooded her Instagram with congratulations

Bukky Olatunji's Ford Edge

The new vehicle of Bukky Olatunji

Bukky Olatunji's Ford Edge from rear end

That’s a Ford Edge SUV

She is an avid Instagram user. On her account, you can see lots of photos the beauty taken alongside 4-wheeled vehicles. She must be a fan of cars as well.


She's hectic with updating her Instagram with photos of cars


The girl must love feeding her followers with her daily-life photos


Wondering how much time she spends on each of her cars?


She never refuses to smile for good photos

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