Bugatti and Hermes co-operated to make this stunning Chiron (Photos)


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Hermes, a prestigious brand in luxury products, has helped iconic Manny Khosbin to recreate a specially made Bugatti Chiron. See the pictures here!

When it comes to collecting exotic cars all over the world, there is no way you won’t put Manny Khosbhin on that list. The prolific car collector is not just all about cars, but he is also a social media celebrity and real estate mogul. Recently, Khosbhin shared many images of his bespoke Bugatti Chiron online.


Khosbhin's Bugatti Chiron from Hermes is a true definition of luxury and elegance

Khosbhin’s Chiron has reportedly been in works for at least 3 years and was specially produced by Hermes, which is one of the most iconic brands as far luxury is concerned.

For its outside look, his Bugatti Chiron features a shade of cream paint (custom) and a unique mesh design right in the Bugatti’s front horseshoe grille and other air intakes. Despite our inability to access the interior design of this stunning Chiron, we learnt that it comes with Hermes’ custom high quality leathers.


His Bugatti Chiron Hermes edition features a custom shade of cream paint and Sky View glass roof

One of the standout features on Khosbhin’s Bugatti Chiron is the presence of ‘Sky View’ glass roof, which was earlier introduced by the automaker in the middle of 2018. From this tinted roof, Khosbin now has an extra 1.06 inches of headroom, which easily filters out UVB and UVA radiation. We are unsure how much these modifications cost him but we are certain it will be on the high end.

According to report, Khosbhin is known to be a regular customer of Hermes. Just few years back, Hermes helped him create a mouthwatering version, partnering with Pagani, in creating a super expensive bespoke Huayra, which was covered in golden brown carbon fiber.


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Bugatti made an official announcement in July, that they have manufactured an impressive 200 units of Bugatti Chiron, out of the anticipated 500 units. It takes the company 10 months to build a single Chiron. This is probably your chance to get one as the company is offering 100 units for grab.

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