Bugatti is producing its first Electric supercar


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Bugatti is positioning itself to remain relevant as we move into an Era dominated by Electric cars. Check its plan to produce the very first electric supercar along with Chiron lineup!

Big auto brands find ways to maintain their identity even as the built business models that are functional operated by dynamic strategies. One such strategy is the move by Bugatti Automobiles to build a car that will appeal to a larger audience, considering that the price will be placed in a range that will make it a lot more affordable. According to reports by Bloomberg, the car will come as either a Crossover or a Grand Tourer and will be a second model line that will accompany the Bugatti Chiron.


The new electric car will have a price range of between $500,000 to $1 million

Bugatti is positioning itself to remain relevant as we move into an Era dominated by Electric cars. This car will represent Buggati's official entry into the Electric cars business as the company is charting a new course towards being a financially independent stand-alone entity considering the low hum emanating from Bugatti's parent company Volkswagen.

At the moment, Bugatti is having a challenge in financing this new electric car project, as Volkswagen is being a bit more careful with its finances even as the company is building a $66 billion war chest for electrification and digital tech for the next era. Speaking on the financing issue, Stephan Winkelmann acknowledged that securing the required funding for the new electric car project is going to be a "Hard Fight", especially in convincing Bugatti's parent company to fork out the huge bills needed to actualize the project.

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Will Bugatti be able to raise the funds required? We expect that they will, with the stellar leadership of Stephan Winkelmann who was the former CEO of Lamborghini, we believe his wide circle of influence within and outside the Volkswagen Group will be enough to do the magic. Winkelmann has shown that he has the mettle to grow the Bugatti brand into a sustainable business and Financial model, consideration his work at Lamborghini. Winkelmann plans on building a model of business that will see the company increase its effort put and resources towards building high volume production cars to help boost sales figures and revenue.


For each Bugatti Veyron sold, the company loses around $6 million

This is a departure from its business model of building only Limited Edition high-end fastest supercars that has not been so profitable. In fact, a 2013 report by Bernstein Research, a Wall Street Research Firm suggested that the company lost an estimated $6.24 million on every Bugatti Veyron sold. This number does not bring to fore a need for the company to change its model in the face of a changing industry pattern. Acknowledging this, Winkelmann stated;

“The industry is changing fundamentally, and we have to address what opportunities there are to develop Bugatti as a brand going forward,”

For the Bugatti's new Electric car offering, the vehicle will have a standard seating of 4, with a price range of between $500,000 to $1 million which suggests the car will still remain in the Luxury Brand category but will be much more affordable to a greater number of Bugatti lovers and fans. We can't wait to see what Bugatti is cooking, knowing the companies pedigree with high tech design and engineering while considering its current feat of clearing the 300 km/h speed limit.

The Bugatti brand has remained very famous since its resurrection in 1998 and has had numerous celebrities flaunt different models of the Luxury Supercar manufacturer. Some of the Celebrities include guys like Cristiano Ronaldo who bought the most expensive of them all. Check out some of the top 10 best Bugatti Concept cars below.

Top 10 best Bugatti concept cars

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